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Thanksgiving Week

November 30, 2006 1 comment

Thanksgiving is always, should always, be a time to give glory to God by recognizing the good things that he has done for us. This Thanksgiving God received his glory in an unexpected and really hard way.

Some of you might know that Beth’s grandma, Julianna Rayburn, was diagnosed with very aggressive cancer about 6 weeks ago. Little did we know just how aggressive it was.

We knew that we needed to visit soon, we knew that the doctors could not promise how well she would be doing this Christmas, so we took the Thanksgiving week to travel to Texas and spend time in Waco with Grandma.

There is much to be said, much that shall be said, but for now it suffices to say that God was perfect in his timing because Grandma passed away Saturday, November 25, two days after Thanksgiving, two days after her 78th birthday, having been married to one of the most incredible, loving, devoted, godly husbands that I have ever had the pleasure to know and love.

In my studies of church history I have learned a number of things about a group of Christians known as the Puritans. One of the most precious and thought provoking came as I read Jonathan Edwards’ Resolutions. The first few times I read through the list of 71 resolutions Edwards made for how he wished to live his life to the glory of God, I was struck by the strange frequency of his mentioning his own death.

As I thought about this reoccurring theme I was struck with a challenge and a question. The challenge: To live and die in such a way that it might be said that I died well…that I found the gospel precious to the very end. The question…how do I do that? And, what does it look like?

Over time, I came up with some answers to my questions and, I think, made positive ground fitting to the challenge. But it was not until this past Thanksgiving that I was able to witness with my own eyes what it was to finish well.

Grandma said many precious things as we spoke to her in the nursing home and, before she passed, in her own home. Just one of the most meaningful to me was when I asked her what she had been thinking about the most over the past few days. And this sweet, beautiful, faithful, frail, dying woman whose body was, literally, riddled with a cancer that was ravaging her body said to me:

“How good the Lord is”

Wow. Praise God for Grandma’s faithful finish. Cancer, pain, and death did not blind her to the goodness of God. My prayer is that, regardless of the hardship that the Lord has for me and my family, that we would follow in the footsteps of Grandma.

Should you be so courageous as to pray that very same prayer for yourself, when you pray pray also for her wonderful husband of 59 years. The Lord saw it fit to bring Grandma through the trial of cancer and, having fought that battle with his bride, Grandpap must endure also the trial of a deep loneliness that I can only begin to fathom as a husband myself of but 18 months. Pray for Everette Rayburn, Grandpap loved his wife so dearly; pray that he would love his Jesus all the more in her absence; pray that God would give him strength in his sorrow, that he would say in the midst of the pain:

“How good the Lord is”

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The "Victorian Tower"

November 16, 2006 2 comments

For those of you who are concerned that Lee has run away to Kentucky to ascend the “Ivory Tower” of academia, have no fear!

In all actuality, Lee was actually climbed the four stories into his “Victorian Tower.”

You might be asking yourself: “What in the world is he talking about? Has he lost his mind from too many papers and reading jumbled up at the end of a semester?”

To the latter, I have perhaps lost my mind a little bit…but it is just that time of year and it is my own fault for not being more productive earlier in the semester.

To the former, in case you did not know, we live in a part of town known as “Old Louisville,” which just so happens to be the largest Victorian neighborhood in the world (which pretty much refers to the US and the UK). Our home is a bit of a tower, it feels like it going up the spiral staircase to be sure, just check out the view from our roof.

For those of you who are concerned for me, worried that the few marbles I still have might be lost up here in my study in the “Victorian Tower,” have no fear because I am being set free tomorrow afternoon at 2:30, when Beth and I will be boarding a plane to Texas for the week to chill with family and friends!

I’ll still have plenty of work to do for school, but I will be able to do it in a place where you can drive for hours without seeing a stoplight, where you can drive all the way from Austin to Dallas on an access road (no access roads in Kentucky), and I cannot wait to sit on the back porch at my parents’ house and watch a sunset (I’ll bring yall a picture).

If you got excited about our living in the largest Victorian neighborhood in the world, you should check out the Old Louisville Information Center (I highly recommend checking out the “Pictures” section – center column of the website – they are pretty cool).

See you around!

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November 16, 2006 Leave a comment

This next week is Thanksgiving and I just wanted to make sure and remind everybody that there will be no bible study this upcoming Tuesday.

If Beth and I were going to be in town we will still be meeting, but since we are going to be back in Texas spending time with family, and Beth’s grandparents are not set up for teleconferencing, we will have to wait until Tuesday, Nov. 29th to see yall.

Have a great Thanksgiving. I know for some people spending time with family can be really difficult and, for others, it come be sad as we remember the times we have spent with loved ones who have died in years past, so be praying for one another and remember that the gospel is about reconciliation, so live out the gospel regardless of what is in the past (or the present).

Much love friends

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Review: John 3:9-15

November 14, 2006 Leave a comment

As yall know, I am fighting to get everything done for school before the semester expires. So I won’t post a review of last week’s Bible study for a couple of weeks.

See you then!

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News Flash!

November 11, 2006 2 comments

This just in: Jason N. has won the grand prize for being flipping cool.

How did he win this prize – and the many perks and accoutrements that come with it? Quite simple, he was the first person to post a comment since the blog started like forever and a day ago (well, more like 3 or 4 weeks).

Congratulations! Simple present yourself at Bible study Wednesday night to receive your just rewards (that is the same thing as the “perks” and “accoutrements“)

PS – see Jasons comment below for but a single example of the multitude of comment styles that you too could post according to whatever fill you with boisterous delight

PPS – I have now officially started the “Hunsinger Main Event” group on If you are not yet a member, join it. If you are not on it really is much better than…so think about making the switch, heh?

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Uf! School is Straight Killing Me

November 8, 2006 Leave a comment

Hey, sorry about the apartment photos not being posted yet. Getting nice shots and completing the finishing touches just doesn’t quite fit into the schedule right now. I have 3 weeks of school remaining and I feel like I have 5 weeks of work to do (pray for me).

The good news, however, is that Beth and I will be travelling down to the great nation of Texas for Thanksgiving week. We were planning on making the drive come Christmas, but Beth’s grandma’s cancer diagnosis is bringing us home sooner than expected.

So, here’s the game plan. The first half of Thanksgiving week will be spent in Austin with Lee’s family (what up my Austin folks). The second half of the week will be spent in Waco with Beth’s family (Dallas folks…lunch or dinner maybe?)

Looking forward to spending some time at home. Lee and Beth, signing out (for now). And, the apartment shots are coming, just a bit slower than expected.

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Wednesday November 8,2006

November 6, 2006 1 comment

Brace yourself, if last week was any indication of how Bible study is going to be this Wednesday night, it should be a fun filled, question packed couple of hours studying John.

Last week you guys really did an impressive job of engaging with the text and asking some awesome questions. So keep up the good work of studying the passage before Bible study so that we can work on developing the answers to our questions together, bringing everyone’s study of the bible to bear on our questions and thereby increasing our ability to rightly answer questions and interpret the text.

I have really enjoyed watching our group mature as a group in our study of the Bible. Keep up the good work and continue to invite your family members (“College” Bible study is descriptive, not prescriptive), people living in your neighborhoods and buildings, and your friends and coworkers. Remember, two thousand years ago the Church began with two guys chowing down with Jesus, meeting the Savior of the world, and today more than 2.1 billion people call themselves followers of Jesus.

A little Bible study can turn into something miraculous if people are meeting Jesus and being changed by him.

For this week we will be studying John 3:1-21 (we focused on the first 8 verses last week and we will finish the passage this week), Numbers 21:1-9 (in its context), review the Prologue of John to refresh yourself on the important themes that will be popping up in John’s Gospel, continue to think about what the “kingdom of God” is, and just linger on this passage because it can be one of those passages that we have heard so often that we become numb to it…fight that response with prayer and diligence in thinking about the passage.

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