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Review: John 2:12-25

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  • Goal in Bible Study: We want to follow the flow of what the text is saying, thus avoiding taking Scripture out of context, and rightly understand what John, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, is saying to his original intended audience. From that point, once we understand what the text is saying in its original context, we then look for universal principles and teaching that we then apply to our own heart, our own sin, our own lives in a way appropriate to the text (repentance, encouragement, conviction, joy, sorrow, etc.
  • We honor God’s Word by seeking to understand what he says and then responding accordingly, seeing his Word change our lives.

John 2:12-17:

  • The Passover, ‘Behold the Lamb’: Jesus was the ultimate fulfillment of the Passover lamb that we read about in the Old Testament [Ex.11-12], he is identified as such by John the Baptizer [John 1:29]
  • Herod’s Temple: Jesus is enraged by the way that money-loving businessmen have invaded the Temple, specifically, the Court of the Gentiles where the nations were to gather, drawing near to the God of Israel. The Gentiles (non-Israelites) were displaced by the businessmen. The businessmen were displaced by Jesus, who came as the Passover Lamb to die for the sake of the world.
  • Is this JESUS? Many people have a misconstrued image of Jesus Christ as a mild, weak, effeminate man, but this popular conception of Jesus lacks biblical credibility. In this scene we see one of many instances were Jesus’ actions affirm that Jesus is masculinity at its finest.

Biblical Manhood: A Call to Men

  • Gender Distinction: The Bible is crystal clear that men and women are different in function (but equal in value). [Gen 1-3]
  • Christ and the Church: The Bible teaches that the pattern for godly masculinity is Jesus’ loving leadership of his church, and that the pattern for godly femininity is the church’s submission to Jesus’ loving leadership [Eph. 5:22-33].
  • The Men: Men should look to Jesus in the passage for a snapshot of masculinity at its finest. They should behold the courage and righteous fury of Jesus as he drives out the animals and people with a whip of cords, fighting for God’s honor and clearing the Court of the Gentiles. Men should admire Jesus and see him as their hero, the man that they want to be like and strive to be like. They should hold this passage about the strength and courage of Jesus in tension with Jesus tenderness towards women and children, but most don’t and the proper response is deep conviction, repentance, and change.
  • The Ladies: A man who is becoming increasingly like Jesus is the only kind of man that any Christian woman should ever even consider dating and, eventually, marrying. Paul says we should not be unequally yoked in relationships [2 Cor 6:14]

John 2:18-22:

  • Sign, what sign? Oh, that sign? The Jews as Jesus to answer for himself, demanding a sign to give proof of his authority to clear the Court of the Gentiles. What a strange question considering that the clearing itself was a sign of prophetic scope and content.
  • The Temple: Jesus speaks to the Jews of a sign involving the Temple. The significance of the Temple is that it is where God dwells and where people go to meet with God for worship and repentance, among other things. Jesus is the fulfillment of the Temple, as is seen in this passage. The Temple Jesus refers to is his own body, which will fill the tomb for the three days following his crucifixion and preceding his glorious resurrection. That is the exclamation point that proves the all encompassing authority of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.
  • Post-Resurrection Belief: At the close of this passage, John tells us that following the resurrection the disciples remembered what Jesus had said and they believed.

John 2: 23-25:

  • Passover Bookend: This is the first recorded Passover that Jesus attended, and it marks an important point in the Gospel of John. Jesus has initiated his ministry, initiated his public teaching and miracle working, a ministry that will result in his murder (see John 18-19).
  • 2:22 vs. 2:23: Do you believe or do you believe? This section containing what might be considered the beginning of Jesus’ ministry comes to a close with a significant juxtaposition of beliefs. In verse 22, there is a genuine belief unto salvation on the part of the Disciples, followed in verse 23 with a lesser belief in Jesus on the part of “many” solely based on Jesus miraculous works. In both instances the same word is used in the Greek, but Jesus’ response to the belief of the ‘many’ shows us that their belief was insufficient, for Jesus (who we see is able to perceive the heart of men, knowing them) does not entrust himself (literally “believe in” in the Greek) to the many.
  • Crisis of Belief: This should stop the conscientious reader dead in our tracks with a life-or-death question…”Do I believe like the Disciples or do I believe like the many?” or another way of putting it could be…”On the Day of Judgement will Jesus believe me? Will he find my faith to be genuine or insincere?” You see, if our faith in Jesus is solely limited to what he can do for us in this life, rather than who he is, what he has done, and what he will continue to be and do through in eternity, then our belief is no genuine belief and we are in grave danger.
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October 25, 2006 5 comments

We had a big Friday night last night. We went shopping and ended up breaking the bank (not really, the bank will be just fine). We decided that it was time to buy Beth a heater that worked on a setting other than “low” and this little guy will more than do the trick to keep my sweet little wife toasty. We shopped around for almost two weeks until we found the perfect car for us and Carmax really took care of us.

Undoubtedly, we are pumped and deeply appreciative our wonderful parents and grandparents, who exemplify generosity and care for their children. Proverbs paints a picture of parents and grandparents loving and blessing their children, and we are fortunate to see that example exemplified in our own families.

So, you can now trust that our buns are safe and roast toasty as you check the weather forecast and see that Louisville, Kentucky is, officially, butt cold…but not our butts, they are Kia-riffic.

There is, however, some bad news.

Despite our excitement, we must also take a final pause to say our farewell to Beth’s first car (courtesy of Ebay), a loyal little import that brought with it much laughter, cheap transportation, and good memories…

Here’s to you, Egg!!! Farewell

Until next time, this is Lee and Beth Wilson, signing out and driving in wonderful warmth and safety…hopefully we will be rolling into a town near you as soon as possible. But, should that too long to wait to see the splendor of the new ride, and you are a member of, you can 1)become Lee’s friend and 2) feast upon more pictures of the Sorento to your little heart’s content!

Don’t forget…the picture joy is not yet over. The photo tour is soon to come, as well as personal updates about Lee and Beth after 1.5 years of marriage…stay tuned.

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Crud! The Drum is Busted!!!

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But wait, don’t freak out.

While the drum might be busted (aka, the house is not ready for the photo tour), it will be ready very, very, very soon.

In loo of the drum, we have picked up an electric guitar (cue the dramatic violins), and we will have another exciting photgraph posted Wednesday morning (mark it on your calendar) that will thrill you enough to buy your patience for the house tour.

Lest you ladies begin to freak out, an “electric guitar” is bigger than a breadbox, smaller than a refrigerator, and not a new addition to the Wilson family…though we are incredibly excited with the prospect of being able to make such an annoucement at some point in the future when God so chooses to bless us with a little one.

See you Wednesday morning!!!

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Review: John 1:35 – 2:12

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The Berean Challenge [Acts 17:10-12]- The Berean were avid students of the scriptures, examining them to see if Paul’s teaching was fitting to the Word of God. It was. And we should follow their example whenever we go to Bible study, listen to a sermon, go to Sunday school, or receive “wise” counsel from a friend.

John the Baptizer’s:
-Compliment from Jesus – [Matthew 11:7-11]
-Message – [John 1:29, 37]

John 1:35-51
Jesus’ Followers – Andrew, John (?), Philip, Nathanael
Relational networks – who has God put in your proximity? Think about family, friends, co-workers, and people from your hometown
Kevin Bacon, Paul Revere, and Fidel Castro – Where has God strategically placed you? Don’t forget, you are six degrees and a prayer from anyone in the world.
Evangelism: 2 Guys + Jesus + Dinner + 2000 years = 1+ billion Christians

John 2:1-9
Wedding in Cana
Jesus & his mom (aka “Woman”) – [John 19:26]
Jesus the Master Brewer: Christians and Alcohol

Three Positions:
1. Alcohol is evil
2. Abstinence
3. Moderation & Deference

Key Points and Verses:
Submit to Authority – (Government, School, etc.) [Rom 13:1-7]
Drunkenness – Sinful and foolish [Eph. 5: 8b-21; Prov. 23:29-35]
Alcohol’s Origin – God made the vine for our consumption [Gen 1:29-31]
Goodness of Wine – God made the vine? Did we abuse it in making wine from the grapes? No, wine is shown in Scripture as a good thing and used symbolically to show God’s great blessings poured out [Eccl. 10:19; Ps. 104:15; Amos 9:11-15]
What to do??? Act with wisdom, drawing on the principles of [Rom. 13:8-14:23] which emphasizes loving our brother (be he weak or strong) and not causing them to stumble, giving up our freedoms whenever our brother’s conscience is at stake.

Points to Ponder:
1. What did Jesus do? What was Paul’s position? What did Timothy drink? Is it wise to make prohibitions that were not followed by the Sinless Savior and such great men of the church? [Matt. 11:19, 1 Tim. 5:23]
2. Is Universal Abstinence Wise?
-Alcohol can be very dangerous, leading to the sins of drunkenness, abuse, neglect, abandonment of children, etc, there is no denying that.
-Should we, therefore, abandon what God has said to be a great blessing to the hearts of his people?
-If so…what about women? What about food? What about money (for the love of money is the root of all evil [1 Tim. 6:10])?
-It seems that we should teach wisdom, not abstinence, as the approach to Christian use of alcohol (as well as women, food, and money).

(Thoughts? Leave your comment below)

Point of this Passage: Jesus is the merciful miracle worker and worthy of glory, we should respond to the one who “manifested his glory” (which only God can do) with fear, worship, adoration, and obedience.

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Drum Roll Please….

October 20, 2006 1 comment

So, here it is, the beginning of the official drum roll for the slide show presentation of the Wilson’s sweet pad.

This weekend will be a “GeteverythngSquaredAway-palooza” at our place, so you can be expecting to see some photos early this upcoming week.

(Side note…we have posted three times in one week…that is an incredible accomplishment)

(Side note…if you want Beth to make a grand appearance and see how she is doing as the Winters, Yonkers, and Rousselle Mama Hen you are going to have to start putting pressure on her)

(Side note…we love you guys who have persisted in keeping an eye on our blog through thick and thin)

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Junie’s House

October 18, 2006 2 comments

I know you are going to soil yourself when you see that I actually posted twice in 1 week…whoa dang.

So, like I was saying, Beth and I moved in late July to this crazy silly “Bed & Bath/ Pimp My Apartment/ Penthouse/ Seriously Phat Pad” (all by the unbelievably wild grace of God).

The place is on the 4th (top) floor of our building, so we elected to do a two weekend move from our old apartment to the new place. The first weekend (July 10-12) we decided to have all of our stuff packed up and invite our super incredible friends from school and church to load the boxes into their cars and then haul fourteen carloads of our stuff (including my six bookshelves jam packed with books) up four flights of stairs. It went well and we did not loose any of our friends because they are gracious. Along with all those boxes we hauled up our futon mattress and spent the following week sleeping on the floor in our new and cavernous apartment.

At this point you may be wondering, “why did the Wilsons do a two weekend move?” Well, for one we are cheap and did not want to pay money on a moving truck and, secondly, we knew that we would absolutely lose friends if we tried to do it all in one weekend.

You see, the really difficult thing about the move was the staircase situation. There are two sets of stairs up to our place. The back staircase is a plain jane, fairly narrow set of stairs that is great for everyday use, but not for oversizes couches, desks, and entertainment centers…which leaves us with the front staircase. Now, this was tricky tricky. If you recall from my last post, our front entryway involves a spiral staircase, which meant that we would have to haul 4 truckloads of furniture up three flights of stairs and then manually lift all of our stuff from the third floor to the fourth (hmmf! Like I said, we have good friends).

But, I get ahead of myself a bit…lets not forget Junie’s house. At the end of our week on the floor Beth and I went to our old apartment to break down some of the furniture to be ready to rock on the second Saturday morning (the 19th). When we tried to go in through the front door we discovered a sweet little surprise…the door was locked…from the inside!!!

So I circled around to the backdoor and discovered that it was open and, inside the apartment, I found a bizarre scene. There was chocolate melted into the carpet, our bed had been slept in, my office was covered with my childhood memorabilia that had been hauled out of my old cedar chest, someone had brought in a pot and cooked everything that was in our refrigerator, “Kevin” was written in sharpie on the countertop, someone had individually burned approximately 300 kitchen matches randomly throughout our apartment, someone had slept in our bed and left a slinky under the covers (!?!?!), and they had also brought along a washrag, taken a shower, and left their clothes in our closet!

So we are thinking, “what the crap???” And we are very glad we are moving. Well, long story short, we talked to our neighbors and discovered that there was a homeless runaway foster kied, fourteen years old who had been living in the hallways of our apartment complex…a cat named Junie. So, we departed what we now affectionately refer to as “Junie’s House” with great joy to move into a new home.

Lest you worry, we were able to move all of our things the next day, nothing had any substancial damage, and we still had the absolutely delight of shlepping all of our remarkably heavy things us three flights of stairs and then vertically lifting it about 15 feet to the 4th floor.

Amazingly enough, at the end of all that, payed only by pizza, sandwiches, and some good laughs and stories, we still have the same friends and we have not been kicked out of Hunsinger Lane Baptist Church for straining the backs of the men’s ministry.

I hope you are still enjoying our bizarre and hilarious experiences here in Louisville…there shall be more to come…including the photo tour of the monstrousity we call home.

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Life is BUSY

October 12, 2006 Leave a comment

So, you figured me out.

At one point, blogging was on the back burner, but now it has been move to that corner of the refrigerator where things just sit for years…sorry about that.

Maybe one of these days I will get it started again, but until then you can keep tabs of the Wilson family at and You can also check us out at of

Much love and hasta la vista baby

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