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birthday bash: abbey turns one

February 23, 2010 1 comment

After weeks and weeks of brainstorming and preparation, Abbey’s first birthday party went off without a hitch this last weekend.

Abbey had a blast, really enjoying herself with all of her friends from City Fellowship while indulging her love for wrapping paper and her newfound appreciation for cupcake frosting.  As much fun as Abbey had, however, I must say that it was Beth that most relished the fruit of all her labor.

(Okay, honestly, that pun was unintended, but it works so perfectly I am going to leave it.)

Other than the 9 months baking the little baby, Beth also devoted herself to baking many cupcakes, cookies, and other edible delights.  The soup was incredible and, the decor, well it was very festive and amazingly creative (as you will see shortly).

With no further delay, let the highlight reel begin!

. . . . . .

This is Abbey’s first real shot at a sugary consumable.  Maybe it was the shock of 36 people singing “Happy Birthday” in our little house, or maybe it was her feminine delicacy, but Abbey attacks the cupcake very tentatively – at first.

(If you are just looking for “the big show” jump to the next video)

Here’s the big show.  Abbey’s feminine gentility abandoned, she dives into cupcake eating with gusto.  If you doubt her passion, note the facial sugar sprinkles that adorn her little face.

And now, presents opened, wrapping paper fully enjoyed, and Abbey overdue (so we thought) for her nap time, the physical aftermath of the party on our little home.

And now, finally, the aftermath on Abbey.  A little grumpy, a little silly, a little red around the eyes.

. . . . . .

Unfortunately, I failed to visually document the most hilariously frustrating part of the birthday bash timeline – the cupcake sugar hangover.

You see, Abbey was so ramped up on sugar that it took her two hours longer than it should have for her to fall asleep for her post-party afternoon nap.  Having been thoroughly ramped up on this infantile narcotic, Abbey eventually crashed.  And when she crashed, she crashed hard.

Usually an incredibly peppy and happy baby, waking her up from that nap was like rousing an intoxicated homeless man from the front stoop – she came up crabby and she came up swinging.

In the end, we chalked up the cupcake hangover as a classic first birthday experience, committed to having a low sugar birthday parfait next year, and all agreed that it was the best birthday party ever … thanks to Beth’s hard work, Abbey’s fun-loving nature, and a house filled with loving and beloved friends.

. . . . . .

Still aching for more birthday bash goodness?  You can look for pictures from the party to be posted shortly.


almost one: abbey’s adventures

February 18, 2010 6 comments

Long time no post.

Aside from getting over genuine sickness (flu for Abbey, stomach bug for Lee and Beth), a birthday fever has stricken Beth with excitement and reading fever has left Lee with an insatiable hunger for a good book.

All of the above is an answer to prayer for the Wilson fam:

  • The Lord has been good to give us an amazing first year with little Abbey,
  • Everyone in the hose is now healthy, and
  • Lee has been in a 4 year literary draught, having little to no desire to pick up a book and enjoy the reading of it.

Though we have been sloth in our blogging, we have been capturing plenty of family photos and videos.

And, since we will surely heap huge numbers of birthday photos on the blog over the weekend, I decided to get back into the posting habit with a couple of Abbey videos.

Both of these give you an idea of how much Abbey has grown lately … in stature and in personality.

Bon Appetit!

Being a parent is the best. Plain and simple, the best.