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Spring Semester – Mission Accomplished

May 11, 2006 9 comments

Hey all, the spring semester is complete. The 2200 pages of reading in NT Theology are 100% read, thoroughly and completely, without skimming; the exams are taken; the papers written; and all is well with my soul. It is probably too soon for me to give yall a solid reflection on this past semester, so stay tuned for information about that. I am trying to make it a habit to write brief summaries/comments on everything I read…if you would like to have it sent to you, let me know. You can either post your email or send me an email if you have mine. Ditto for my paper on assurance in First John and my paper on Mormonism…if you’re interested.

Whats next? This summer I am going to be taking 9 hours worth of classes…Hebrew Exegesis of Joshua, Introduction to Biblical Counseling, and Worshipping Church…so the madness will continue. When I say madness, please don’t interpret my words to reflect an attitude of frustration with school; quite to the contrary, I have come to love a busy schedule…it is forcing me to become a more disciplined person, which is something I am in great need of.

Okay, stay tuned for weekly/bi-weekly updates!!!

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T-Minus 101 hours

May 6, 2006 1 comment

Thats right, in four days (minus 3 hours) the spring semester at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary will draw to a close. I would like to thank the wonderful Tom Schreiner for writing some truly incredible books (New Testament Theology and Paul, Apostle of God’s Glory in Christ). My only wish…that they were not such aweseome books and I could read them faster to make my deadline 101 hours from right now. I highly recommend both books to you…but start with the book on Paul because the NT Theology has not yet been published (we received a draft to read for class). I would also like to give a shout out to Brandon Rogers, the man who gave me Paul, An Apostle last year for my wedding shower.

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