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Wednesday November 8,2006

Brace yourself, if last week was any indication of how Bible study is going to be this Wednesday night, it should be a fun filled, question packed couple of hours studying John.

Last week you guys really did an impressive job of engaging with the text and asking some awesome questions. So keep up the good work of studying the passage before Bible study so that we can work on developing the answers to our questions together, bringing everyone’s study of the bible to bear on our questions and thereby increasing our ability to rightly answer questions and interpret the text.

I have really enjoyed watching our group mature as a group in our study of the Bible. Keep up the good work and continue to invite your family members (“College” Bible study is descriptive, not prescriptive), people living in your neighborhoods and buildings, and your friends and coworkers. Remember, two thousand years ago the Church began with two guys chowing down with Jesus, meeting the Savior of the world, and today more than 2.1 billion people call themselves followers of Jesus.

A little Bible study can turn into something miraculous if people are meeting Jesus and being changed by him.

For this week we will be studying John 3:1-21 (we focused on the first 8 verses last week and we will finish the passage this week), Numbers 21:1-9 (in its context), review the Prologue of John to refresh yourself on the important themes that will be popping up in John’s Gospel, continue to think about what the “kingdom of God” is, and just linger on this passage because it can be one of those passages that we have heard so often that we become numb to it…fight that response with prayer and diligence in thinking about the passage.

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  1. Jason N
    November 10, 2006 at 7:57 pm

    Hey, now you can’t say people never leave comments. Plus I probably just changed that “Comments (0)” to “Comments (1).” So I guess I’ve done my act to contribute to society today.

    I know you’d rather have some long insightful response on something that profoundly changed my life during this bible study session, but I really don’t have anything else to post here now besides useless babble. Besides, as I’m typing this at work, I’ve had a startling epiphany that must be true – GE has some toxic gas floating around inside the buildings that morphs your brain to a useless liquid state.

    On a serious note, both of you guys are doing a great job with Bible studies. You guys (Lee and Beth) really are a blessing and I hope that we can continue to grow this ministry. Lee has done an outstanding job taking the leadership role. I pray that we can reach others with the gospel and provide a place they feel encouraged to soak in the Word at Lee and “Befs” on Wednesday nights and at Hunsinger on Sunday mornings. Though I’m often very guilty of this, let’s continue to be lead by God and pray that we do not forget our mission.

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