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happy __ birthday Nana!

We love you!

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the flood vs. Jackson

This past weekend there was serious weather that blew through Tennessee, complete with tornados and an incredible deluge pouring down on the entire state.

Here’s an example of the aftermath of flash flooding in our neighborhood, shot about two blocks from our home.

A vehicle rests upside down in a sink hole which opened on West Forest Avenue during heavy storms just west of Madison County General Hospital on Saturday, May 1, 2010 in Jackson, Tennessee. The vehicle's driver was rescued and taken to the hospital. (AP Photo/The Jackson Sun, Morris Abernathy) #

Our home was left relatively untouched by the storms – just a little leak showed up over our laundry room.

This state is definitely still in need of prayer.

. . . . . .

For more flood images, check out The Big Picture.

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she’s great

May 5, 2010 1 comment

i should be asleep, but here are a couple of recent Abbey photos:

She’s a sweetie. And I was exhausted.

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