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babies caught on camera

December 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Don’t worry, we haven’t been neglecting our little family’s camera time since the arrival of baby Liam … we’ve just been neglecting your blog access to those images/videos.

In fact, if you join Twitter (come on … everybody’s doing it) you can follow Beth, Lee, and even Abbey!  Through Twitter, your internet access to our family will multiply exponentially.

If Twitter intimidates you, there are a good number of videos of Abbey and Liam that have been uploaded to YouTube, and they are all available for you to watch on our YouTube Channel.

We have no plans to pull the plug on the blog – we just don’t anticipate having the time in our crazy lives to make promises of weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly posts.  That said, we’ll try to post with enough frequency to have a post pop up in your RSS Reader every now and again.

Until next time, here are some favorite videos from the last several weeks:

This first video is one of the happiest moments in our life as parents and we are hoping there is more to it that just toddler silly-fun-times:

Here’s Liam being Liam, doing baby things & making baby faces:

We have tried to have some special Bible reading, song singing, and prayer praying family time during Advent (the season leading up to Christmas celebrated for centuries by believers in Jesus) and Abbey likes to bring all her things along for the ride:

See you next time!


christmas memories: abbey v. a high place

December 29, 2009 2 comments

The video speaks for itself:

We are proud of Abbey for her new climbing skills – now we just have to work on her ability to problem solve herself down from high places.

christmas memories: for the family

December 29, 2009 5 comments

This is a massively long post that only our family could love.

Move on to a more punchy blog post (here or here) or brace yourself for the long haul…

. . . . . .

Here is our Christmas morning, beginning to end (almost):

If you like babies in cute hats, this next video is for you:

And now a Christmas shout out from the Wilsons and a tiny baby playing with wrapping paper:

Last clip!

. . . . . .

Upon devouring the traditional Christmas cinnamon rolls, we experienced the joy of a Christmas morning family nap and then went to our the Roberts’ to celebrate Christmas with good friends from church.

Overall, a wonderful and merry Christmas was had by all!

. . . . . .

Please comment if you managed to watch all of these clips, you deserve to be publicly praised for your marathon-like viewing of YouTube clips.

christmas memories: abbey v. nativity

December 26, 2009 1 comment

This Christmas, Abbey’s first, came with innumerable wonderful memories for our little family.

Fortunately for you and for us, a camera is never far from the hands of Daddy and Mommy, so many of these classic moments are available to be enjoyed for many years to come.

Beth’s favorite from the holiday season results in peals of laughter every time we watch it, so enjoy:

Now a tough parenting question, “do you root for Abbey and laugh? or do you teacher her that she is not supposed to eat tiny Joseph, Mary, Jesus, or even the wise men?”