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quick post for SBCers out there

Baptist21 recently interviewed my buddy Ben Dockery regarding his thoughts on the recent Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting and everything he said was spot on.  So, if you’re interested in the SBC or in any way curious “why all the talk about this summer’s SBC meeting?”, head over to the baptist21 site and check the interview out.

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Ok, now that all of the people who have no interest in anything having to do with Southern Baptists have stopped reading, let me highlight my favorite portion of Ben’s interview – its a statement directed at young, “too cool”, men and women who love the gospel but think that the SBC may move a bit too slow for them:

I grew up in the SBC and then several years ago after serving a para-church ministry for a few years, I found myself at the (SBC) convention meeting in Nashville.  I thought I was too cool for SBC culture: I didn’t dress, act, sing, talk, eat, or carry myself the way I saw the average SBC Convention goer.

As I sat in a red folding chair in Vanderbilt’s basketball stadium, the Lord broke me of my arrogance.  From that time, I decided to serve the Lord within the convention and the churches that are a part of the convention.

The SBC is far from perfect, but I regularly encourage others to join the work of the SBC and my reasons are never because we have the best graphics on our websites or the hippest leaders at our conferences or because we are on the edge of being relevant to the culture.  I like all those things and hope to see more of that in the SBC as the gospel grabs our hearts, but I feel comfortable asking others to join the work of the SBC because I am convinced the convention seeks after God, loves the Bible, trains faithful ministers, and mobilizes the gospel around the world.

Personally, I think people who are looking for those things and want to partner with others will want to be a part of the SBC.

You may think that the best days of the SBC are long gone.  You may even think that the best days of the SBC never even existed.  Whatever you believe about Southern Baptists, I think/I hope that the decision to support the Great Commission Resurgence signals that the future of the SBC.  I hope that it means the churches of the SBC will dedicate themselves to a full-bodied proclamation of the gospel.  I hope this means that the SBC’s reputation (deserved or not) has turned the corner and we will see a future of wholehearted commitment to Jesus’ commands to go and make disciples of the peoples in all nations.

If that’s so, then the SBC (with all its warts, flaws, and foibles) is probably worth our energy, efforts, and prayer … don’t you think?

  1. July 2, 2010 at 1:17 pm

    While I am encouraged by the Great Commission Resurgence and the quality of the character in men graduating from Southern, I still find it difficult to appreciate the value of aligning with the SBC.

    The things listed by Ben of “seeks after God, loves the Bible, trains faithful ministers, and mobilizes the gospel around the world” can now be said of a number of networks, denominations, and even churches. It seems a convention focused on its own issues and using energy and efforts with an inward focus.

    I acknowledge I am arrogant, but I genuinely have difficulty seeing the value of raising my hand for the SBC at this point. It continues to seem more concerned with Baptist life and Baptist expansion rather than the gospel and Christ being exalted and proclaimed.

    So I’d love to hear more of your thoughts as to why you love the SBC. It may help me repent and move beyond my arrogance.

  2. pinckard
    July 2, 2010 at 4:22 pm

    I’d like to hear more of your thoughts too Lee. I know it will be a few years before I (possibly) leave overseas, or plant a church, but I would love to hear your wisdom on the subject.


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