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‘god is overloaded with prayers’

Or so believe the people of Haiti, if a recent FOX News report is accurate.

. . . . . .

Many Haitians blend Catholicism with animistic Voodoo practices,

so they are turning to Voodoo priests.

Voodoo priests who, evidently, are too afraid of tumultuous “natural forces”

to contact the “spirit world”.

. . . . .

Watch the report. May it be incentive to pray for Haiti.

To pray for those who are turning to Voodoo priests,

for the Voodoo priests who try to control the “spirit

world”, that they would instead turn to the God who

can never be “overloaded” by anything, who has

interceded and continues to intercede because of

his love for us in Christ.

  1. Logan
    January 25, 2010 at 3:04 pm

    This is actually something I’ve overheard from more catholics than anyone. This is used as justification for praying to mary or other saints.

    So it could be said that Catholicism blended the cultural voodoo into its practice as a way of expanding quickly in the area as was common during their history. Quite unfortunate.

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