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spotlight: hasselhoff’s big discovery

In recent news, Baywatch star and America’s Got Talent celebrity judge David Hasselhoff recently discovered “green screen” technology.

SWKidWhile perusing the YouTube, Hasselhoff (known by friends and admirers as “the Hoff”) encountered the Star Wars Kid phenomenon.

Upon viewing a this series of clips featuring an awkward young adolescent engaged in mortal combat with an imaginary light saber in hand, the Hoff was stunned by the wide variety of backgrounds in front of which the Star Wars Kid waged his elaborate battles.

As Star Wars Kid battled Yoda, the Matrix bad guys, and the Kill Bill bad guys, the Hoff was struck by the beauty of the films and began to wonder “how did he do that?”

So the Hoff went to his closest adviser – Bill the Doorman.

Bill explained the mystery of the green screen to the Hoff.

The Hoff grabbed his Blackberry, called his agent and said, “go buy me a green screen … I need to make music and express myself!”

Creative juices pumping, green screen erected, cable harness rigged up, music lyrics printed, background tracks downloaded, the Hoff made art:

. . . . .

Special thanks to Dr. Gavin Richardson for the Hoff link.

Special thanks to the Hoff for aspiring artists, multi-talented Vegas performers, and short fiction writers worldwide.

  1. Tyler
    August 31, 2009 at 1:08 pm

    simply awesome. i’m not even sure the germans would enjoy that as much as me.

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