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building a church in 7 minutes or less

This morning I received an email of free resources from a group that offers church planters practical advice on successfully planting and growing new churches.

I downloaded the resources and started navigating around their website to see what else they had to say.

That’s when I stumbled across this image:

Picture 6

I found the image on a page offering an audio resource instructing planters on how to implement a fail-proof  way to “turn your first time guests into members.”

During the course of this three hour (downloadable) audio resource, this church planting group promises to teach planters:

  • How to WOW! first time guests by the way they are greeted, directed, treated and seated
  • How to effectively collect information from first time guests
  • How to follow-up on first time guests so that they are prayed for and invited back
  • How to survey first time guests
  • How to treat and follow-up with second time guests
  • How to move people toward baptism and membership
  • How to develop a customized assimilation strategy
  • Plus so much more!

Are you feeling a little skeptical? Starting to think that his sounds a little too easy?

What if I showed you an endorsement from a church that had great success with the program?

“This seminar offers you a strategic process for integrating newcomers into your church, with the goal of helping them become fully committed Christ followers. These are the steps that we’ve used in the past 13 years at Fellowship of The Woodlands as we’ve grown from 15 to 15,000.” [Kerry Shook, Senior Pastor, Fellowship of The Woodlands (TX)]

. . . . . . . . .

This is what I want to know – what do we do with a resource like this?

Let’s say you were offered this resource for free (in reality it costs $67), would you listen to it?  Would you implement any of their systems or heed any of their advice?  What if you found some legitimate, biblically sound wisdom in the resource?

I have to ask myself whether or not I am I truly teachable if I summarily reject everything some one has to say just because I disagree with their marketing-driven clip art?

Having read one of these guys books before (and having posting about it on this blog – hint, hint), I understand how incredibly dangerous it would be for a pastor to check their bibles, minds, and leadership at the door and just run with these guys’ system – I think there is a high percentage chance that the gospel would be lost.

But, I also wonder if there is a whole sea of men who have committed the same transgression, its just that we like the guys they are following a whole lot better?

Picture 7

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