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book(s) of the week: pastor dad & pastor daddy

My favorite book to read to Abbey (other than the Bible) is a fantastic little book called Pastor Daddy.

Picture 1I have posted about this great little book previously, so you can actually listen to me read Pastor Daddy to Abbey over at ‘pastor daddy, pooping daughter‘ if your into that kind of thing and haven’t yet seen the video.

I love it because it encourages me to be a godly father, shepherding and loving my family.

I love it because it teaches Abbey to look to me to lead our family.

I love it because it teaches Abbey how important the local church is in the life of a Christian.

I love it so much that you should buy it.

Here’s the link to Lulu, the site where the fine folks at Sojourn Community Church have chosen to sell Pastor Daddy.

. . . . . .

The next book I plan to read on fatherhood is a little book by Mark Driscoll, pastor at Mars Hill Church in Seattle.

Picture 3If you don’t know Mark Driscoll, you need to acquaint yourself with his preaching and writing – you’ll either love or hate him.

I love him, especially his desire to see young men grow up into godly men.

Enter Pastor Dad.

Based on a sermon from 2001 (which I have listened to), Driscoll wrote Pastor Dad as a gift to fathers for Father’s Day.

Based on the sermon, I anticipate this book to be convicting, challenging, encouraging, and saturated with biblical wisdom.

Since it is a gift, Pastor Dad has been released for free (in pdf format) to download.

It can be read online, downloaded, and even printed out – all for free.

There is also the option to purchase a hard copy of Pastor Dad at Lulu.com.

Give it a read – I think it will be well worth your time.

. . . . . . .

Dads, any favorite books on fatherhood?

Any pastors or authors who have been formative in the way you think about being a dad?

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