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how far would you go (for a hunk of cheese)?


Evidently, the people of Gloucester, England will do just about anything to get their hands on it.

Case in point, the Cooper Hill Race.

“Hill” might be a misnomer – here is a photo of the action:

© Will De Freitas

© Will De Freitas

The goal?  Catch a downward bouncing, rolling wheel of curdled death and cross the white line at the bottom of the “hill”

The prize?  The cheese.

The payoff?  Well, the guy who is upside down in the photo joined many of his other cheese-chasing companions in the emergency room of the Gloucester Hospital.

How is it that people will risk life and limb sprinting after a cylindrical dairy product but they won’t risk their lives for the sake of the glorious life consuming truth of the gospel.

What are you chasing after?

Picture 2

Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty Images

. . . . . . .

Thanks to The Big Picture for introducing me to the craziness of Cooper Hill Cheeserolling.

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