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pray for lee’s pawpaw


Pawpaw (don leach), Abbey, Nana (sue leach)

Lee here.

Yesterday my family came to spend the weekend with us at Beth’s family’s home in Kingwood, Texas (outside of Houston).

The most exciting prospect abot their visit was that my grandparents were going to meet their great granddaughter, in person, for the very first time.

It was awesome, a really exciting and enjoyable time with the family.  There was a  lot of laughter and joy surrounding sweet little Abbey and her rosy disposition.

This morning is another story, however.

While Abbey’s sweet disposition remained the same, my grandfather started to feel sick to his stomach and developed an internal pain in his lower abdomen.

I took him to the La Quinta to sleep off the sickness (he didn’t mention the internal pain) and – as my parents went to check up on him this afternoon – his pain only became worse.

They took him to Kingwood Hospital where they have decided to make him drink some terrible liquid, stick him in a big whirring tube, and run a CT scan to try to figure out what is going on.

There are a lot of questions with few, if any, answers.

What I do know is that my grandpa is a tough old man who said that he was at about a 7.5 on a pain scale of 10 – and that means something coming from him.

. . . . . . .

Pray for him please.  I love him and want him to get better fast so he can enjoy time with Abbey before we have to leave to head back to West Tennessee.

. . . . . . .



Pawpaw has appendicitis and will be having his appendix removed sometime tonight or first thing in the morning – as soon as the surgeon on call can get in to do the surgery.

Pray that his appendix wouldn’t burst and that the surgeon would be able to get in and get the appendix out, as soon as possible.

Pray for Pawpaw, that the surgery would go well and he would recover quickly.

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