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spotlight: pastor pitts

Would you like to read the best “first Sunday” story that I have ever heard?

One of my best friends was recently called to serve as the pastor of the First Baptist Church of a small town in East Texas.

His first sermon there was on Easter Sunday – but I will let his wonderful wife and a congregant from his new church tell the rest of the story:

Matt’s first Sunday as the pastor of Small Town Baptist Church was Easter Sunday.

What a start!

Grace and I stayed in DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth) while Matt drove out and back by himself. Little did we know what an exciting morning it would be.

I thought I would share about it, but a sweet lady in our new church e-mailed me a re-cap of the morning. I thought it would be better shared in her words (reprinted with permission).

. . . . .

OH MY GOODNESS! What a memorable first Sunday as pastor of a little country church!Terrible storm that he had to drive through to get here (Braving the elements!)

No power at the church building.

When we got there. . . late because we had to wait on Bev and the kids, the sanctuary was dark, and Danny thought they were having some special candlelight service, when in fact they were having Sunday School in the sanctuary with candles.


We were walking around the side and into the fellowship hall to take Jake to the nursery and he (Pastor Pitts) said, “why is it so dark,” I told him. . . “honey, the lights are out! The storm took them. Luckily we have flash lights on our key chains! You’ll learn!

Kelli came to church with her Easter dress on and her Stylin’ rubber boots.

Please check out her facebook page to see the photo I took of she and Janet! Janet said she just came to church with wet hair!

We didn’t have the crowd we were expecting as many stayed home because they had no power. Beryl couldn’t get past the tree across her road!

OK, so now our fearless leader has to have church in a dark sanctuary and preach with all the kids in the room . . .

For the rest of the story, visit the Pitts’ Blog – it is well worth the time it will take to click, load the link, and read.

  1. April 29, 2009 at 9:49 pm

    Thanks for spotlighting our blog post, Lee! And thank you for editing my post such that I seem more generous in my paragraph breaks than I actually am. My blog posts seem to improve when they are on your blog.

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