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hi-tech abbey watching

In case you are a touch slow on the draw, we have been maximizing on technology when it comes to keeping our loved ones informed about Abbey’s birth and first days of life.

You know about the blog, you know about the photos, you know about the videos, but you may not know about the Skype.

. . . . . . .

Skype has probably been the biggest blessing that technology has brought to our family.

Because of Skype, we have been able to stay in touch with Beth’s mom while she is taking care of Papa K at St. Luke’s Hospital in Houston:


We are thankful that something like Skype allows Mama K to see her sweet grandbaby from so far away – to provide her with a look at her Abbey’s face and a break from the intensity of the hospital.

. . . . . . .

Skpye is also amazing because it allows Abbey’s great grandparents to see their great granddaughter:

All teasing aside – how amazing is it for great grandparents to be hip to the Skype?

. . . . . . .

Thanks, Skype, for bringing my far away family right into the middle of my new little daughter’s life – it’s a blessing indeed.

That’s redemptive technology, if you ask me.

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