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pee on me. pee on lee.

When you’re baby is jaundiced, you live for a wet, dirty diaper.

You love changing a diaper. It makes you really happy.

And not that ‘short burst of glee’ type of happiness, but a deep down abiding joy – “my baby’s pipes are working! Abbey’s healthy!”

When you go without changing a diaper for a little longer than seems healthy, a deep unsettling anxiety lodges down somewhere behind your sternum.

Such is the life of new parents with a jaundiced baby (now a post-jaundiced baby)

. . . . . . .

All that is background to why I was – no joke – thrilled when Abbey peed all over my chest.


Abbey has a serious bladder – and a serious ability to urinate whenever her diaper comes off to be changed.

We discovered this talent after Beth took off Abbey’s diaper and I made the mistake of sitting her on my chest for 30 seconds.

The fountain began to flow, Daddy began to laugh, Mama turned around, Mama began to laugh, and it was awesome.

Keep up the good work Abbey!

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