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spotlight: 25 things, worth reading

jason, with drool

jason, with drool

Occasionally, a note on Facebook makes for a noteworthy read.

On the rare instance, the note’s author mixes both humor an edification beautifully (and enjoyably).

My buddy Jason Nichter (Christ loving single ladies, please play close attention to his many skills) wrote such a note.

. . . . . . .

Here are my favorites:

1. In elementary school I used to sit on the front porch of my house and watch for a car to drive down the street that had no driver.

2. I’d rather listen to music, read, and journal than watch TV, but three shows I must own season series DVDs of:

Arrested Development, The Office, and Flight of the Conchords.

3. Because I hate trying to pick my favorite band, I’ll describe my music taste in terms of the Pandora stations I listen to: Kings of Leon, Brett Dennen, Nickelcreek.

Please don’t confuse Nickel Creek with Nickelback – I think their music is the suckiest suck that ever sucked.

5. I have pins in my hips – Slipped Capital Epiphyses.

This is a disease where the leg bone can slip out of the hip socket if not treated (resulting in permanent crippling), almost strictly limited to very short, very obese, young children.

I contracted the disease as a freshmen in high school, 5’9 135 lbs.

6. I countdown “10.. 9.. 8.. 7.. 6.. 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.. 0..,” and then say, “Blast off,” to signal myself when it’s time to get out of the shower.

10. I had scabies on my butt for 3 months.

I must have gotten them from sitting on a public toilet seat. It took 4 doctor visits before someone figured out what it was.

It was the most uncomfortable 3 months of my life – non-stop itching.

15. I had to correct an African one time that the word “Gentiles” in the Bible was not a reference to a man’s “genitals.”

17. I’m tired of drinking Lactaid – it’s all my family drinks these days.

It’s the driving factor for me to find a job and move out of the house.

19. My biggest fear is to be defined by a career.

22. I once tried to catch a baseball with my forehead while playing first base, and then had to sing “If there’s anything I could do for you” at the church’s summer kids play with a huge knot and the imprint of the baseball’s stitches on my forehead.

My grandma still tears up and asks me to sing that song.

25. The wrath due me for my disobedience to God’s law, God placed on his son Jesus Christ so that I may be declared righteous when I stand before him.

I hope one day to be able to write and talk about the gospel the way Samuel Rutherford does, but for now I’ll take the cop out and paste one of the most eloquent pieces of writing I’ve ever come across:

(the following quote is dense for a blog post, but entirely worth ‘suffering’ through)

“Truly when I think of it, it is a wonder that Christ maketh not fire and ashes of such a dry branch as I am. I would often lie down under Christ’s feet and bid him trample upon me, when I consider my guiltiness. But seeing he hath sworn that sin shall not loose his unchangeable covenant, I keep house-room amongst the rest of the ill-learned bairns, and must cumber the Lord of the house with the rest, till the Lord take the fetters off legs and arms, and destroy this body of sin, and make a hole or breach in this cage of earth, that the bird may fly out and the imprisoned soul be at liberty.

“In the meantime, the least intimation of Christ’s love is sweet, and the hope of marriage with the Bridegroom hold me in some joyful on-waiting, that, when Christ’s summer-birds shall sing upon the branches of the Tree of Life, I shall be tuned by God Himself to help them to sing the home-coming of our Well-beloved and his bride to their house together. When I think of this, I think winters and summers, and years and days, and time, do me a pleasure that they shorten this untwisted and weak thread of my life, and that they put sin and miseries by-hand, and that they shall carry me to my Bridegroom in a clap.”

I hope all my faculties are clearly being used to glorify my Savior, and am continually seeking wisdom for how to do that in every area of my life.

Marriage, family, relationships, church, job, money, leisure, etc – it’s all a means to be brought closer to enjoyment of him.

I love this guy – he is a brother to me, a man for whom I am deeply thankful to the Lord for.

  1. February 18, 2009 at 2:21 pm

    Boom. You have to love a man that writes those things. Have to.

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