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update: beth’s dad

If you haven’t heard yet, Beth’s dad had a heart attack last night


mama k & papa k, at our wedding

At about 1 am he started having a hard time breathing and felt really light headed, so Mama K (Beth’s mom) drove Papa K to the hospital in Kingwood, Tx (where they live and Beth is from).

When we found out at 6:45 am this morning, the thought that Papa K might have congestive heart failure.

The doctors came and checked him out this morning and they confirmed that Papa K did have a heart attack and that he has fluid in his lungs and around his heart.  What they are uncertain of, however, is if the fluid is from the heart failure or from pneumonia.

Currently, Papa K is fully sedated (he hates hospitals and was fighting the nurses), on a respirator, and his heart is stable.  At the moment, he is also running a fever, which may indicate an infection or some kind.  They are also in the process of draining the fluid in his lungs – a 24 hour process.

What this means is that sometime tomorrow, once the fluid is drained, the doctors will reevaluate the situation and determine if surgery will be necessary.

Papa K is still at the ICU at Kingwood Hospital.

. . . . . . .


beth, this morning

As you would imagine, we took the news pretty hard this morning.  Beth cried pretty hard for a while, but she and the baby are doing just fine.

Considering the fact that our due date is tomorrow, we are ready for Abbey to make her big appearance.

We hope that she will come soon because we are eager to meet her and, considering the circumstances, that would allow more flexibility if we need to figure out a way to get to Houston.

Don’t freak out – we are not going to do anything to jeopardize Beth or Abbey.  There are just more possibilities if Abbey is born than if we are still waiting.

Hopefully, Papa K will come through like a champ and it won’t be an issue.

. . . . . . .

Pray for:

  • Beth’s Dad (David) – his health, heart, the fever, and the fluid around his lungs.  Pray that he would recover quickly.
  • Beth’s mom (Paula) – strength, rest (she has bronchitis), grace to endure all things, and hope to continue to hold fast to the goodness of Christ in the midst of trying times
  • Beth – it is really hard for my girl to not be in Kingwood with Papa K and Mama K.  It is especially difficult that she is not able to be there for her mom.  That Abbey would come at the perfect time.
  • Lee – support for Beth and focus to balance care for Beth in this situation, care for Beth and Abbey, and the ability to focus and get some important things taken care of for the students at Union.
  • Abbey – that she would be eager to come see us!
  1. February 18, 2009 at 12:09 am

    praying for you all of you

  2. willlovesvanessa
    February 18, 2009 at 2:50 am

    We are praying for you.

  3. Julie
    February 18, 2009 at 8:05 am

    Ben and I prayed for you and Lee before we went to bed last night and will continue to remember you throughout the day—come Abbey, come!

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