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nesting 3.0: friday night, 11:30

Want to guess what Beth is doing late Friday night?

Yep, she’s at it again.

Bear in mind that Beth retired today.

Today was the last day of her work life.

What else is there to say?

  1. kelly beth
    February 9, 2009 at 8:44 am

    so here i am. 8 o clock in the morning. sitting in the beautiful mexico (sun not quite out yet), with a C.J Mahaney book, excited about getting up before the parentals so i could flounder in some alone time with me & jesus & all of a sudden, “oh my gosh!!!! is abbey here? is abbey here?” & so i quickly got on this groovy blog, skimmed over some crazy cool videos, only to find Beth vacuuming her cute lil tummy away & some nicely colored urine samples—-gotta love me some of those ;) As with all your other friends and family, ya’ll have been in my thoughts & prayers! I can not WAIT to see pictures of the beautiful Abbey Wilson! Beth, you look BEAUTIFUL-too bad you can’t keep your tummy because it is absolutely precious. Congratulations on your last day of work, which was a while back, but I just stalked ya’ll this morning and got caught up on all that. Truely Truely, God did GOOD giving abbey such amazing parents. (ps-God’s plan is always good-just gonna emphasis that!) Currently, me & my pops are getting to gulp down some much needed coffee (yes, i will drink extra for ya’ll) , on top of this gorgeous mountain-yeah, im pretty sure we’re on a mountain:)

    advice for beth: because i have popped out so many babies, I just want to inform you that this “birthing thing” is extremely easy-doesn’t hurt at all. yes, that is my advice. I am so extremely excited for you girl-I hope to see millions of pictures with you holding precious abbey & lee sticking his head over the hospital bed. Yes! That is my request. Be confident of this, God is and WILL provide all you need to “birth” beautiful abbey girl into this world! Enjoy this time.

    Love, kb

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