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goodbye hilmar

Monday night was a really bittersweet night.

Tomorrow marks the first anniversary of the tornado that smashed into Union University, the college where Beth and I are employed (until Beth “retires” on Friday).

The catastrophic events of that night, which totaled $40 million in damages to 14 buildings including housing for 700+ students, were laced with grace.

Somehow, there were no funerals for the Union campus to mourn – everybody survived.

Somehow, the money came in and the entire campus was rebuilt (and massively improved) in little over 7 months.

Somehow, the Wilson family would grow larger and become, for a time, the Skageliason family.

Little did we know that when we moved to Jackson, Tennessee we would soon be adopting two 20 year olds into our family.   Little did I know that I would become a “father” (and friend) to a couple of young men and a father to a baby girl – all in the same year.

I have experienced a microcosm of the joys and pains of fatherhood in the span of this past year, and Monday night was the beginning of a bittersweet time for me.

On Monday, Hilmar Jonathan Skagfield came back from Holiday to collect his belongings and move back to Florida.  In June, Matt Elia will be married and do the same.

In other words, both the Skageliason boys will be gone come summer time.

Bittersweet. More like . . .

just. plain. sad.

We shot a little video to capture a couple of favorite Hilmar moments:

Goodbye Hilmar.  We love you very much. We will miss you very much.

You know this, but our home is always open to you.

. . . . . . . .

In case it is not clear, the following formula explains the Skageliason name:

Skagfield + Elia + Wilson = Skageliason

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