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spotlight: living church

how often do you think about your church?

is it a natural instinct to think of your church as your family?

is it normal for you to think of your “friends” and see the faces of the people with whom you eat the Lord’s Supper on a regular basis?

is your church a living church? a church that lives life together? a people you can go to when times are really hard – or really good?

when you think about your church, can you imagine anything like this?

Tuesday brought us an ice storm. 200,000 people were without power in Louisville alone, including us. Classes and work were canceled.

wall damage

So we were nomadic, living with various folks for a few days until we moved into our new house (which had power).

Bethan and I were overcome with thankfulness for the body of believers the Lord has placed us in. We were around so many friends who were well beyond generous. And after we (were) already provided with meals, beds, housing, etc. for a few days, these same folks (plus a few) also helped us move into our new home (even though some of them were also without power in their own houses).

Our friends are evidence that God is working in his people to make them selfless, completely focused on increasing the glory of Christ and decreasing their own notoriety.

i love hearing good stories of great churches – thanks for sharing yours Brandon.

if you are in Louisville and don’t have a church, check out Sojourn Community Church or Hunsinger Lane Baptist Church.

. . . . . . .

is your church, your fellow brothers and sisters covenanted together do do the work of the gospel, anything like Brandon’s church?

more importantly, are you anything like the people in Brandon’s church?

do you have any experiences like Brandon’s that you want to share – so that we can celebrate the grace of God at work in your church?

. . . . . . .

the church is fresh on my mind because tomorrow our church here in Jackson – City Fellowship, will be meeting for the first time.

pray for us if it comes to mind – we will be meeting in downtown Jackson (Main & Royal) at 3pm.

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