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‘you’re tight as a tick’

20090129-the_tickSaturday mornings would not have been the same without ‘The Tick’.

Not that they would have been worse, they just wouldn’t have been the same.

But I digress.

I didn’t post this picture because of any unusual affection for the man in the blue rubber suit with furry antennae – I posted this picture because when I saw the alternative options after I googled “tick” they made me want to throw up a little bit.

That reaction is exactly what makes this brief interchange between Beth and our nurse at the doctor’s office so bizarre:

Nurse: Did you bring your urine?

Beth: I remembered today

Nurse: Put it on the counter . . .

(She tests it with her kit)

Ok, it looks good.  How have you been feeling?

Beth: I have felt good this week

Nurse: Lay back on the table.

(She puts her hand on Beth’s belly)

Oh! You’re tight as a tick, girl!


It took us a minute to process it too.

The nurse compared Beth’s belly to a parasitic insect that sucks blood out of a host animal until it gets so fat that, if you touch it, it will burst – gushing blood everywhere.

You can feel free to thank me for opting to use a picture from the cartoon, and not a real life bloated tick.

. . . . . . .

Ever had an unexpected, shocking, or embarrassing trip to the doctor’s office?

(The more your experience is properly described by those adjectives, the better)

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