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becky 26.2: the finish line

peeksA couple days a buddy in Jackson asked me, “so who exactly is this running girl?”

“Ah, yes.” I replied, “I should probably introduce Becky to people who don’t know her.”

So, for this final post in the ‘Becky 26.2’ series, I will finish where I should have begun (and, as it turns out, Becky also finished there race where she should – and did – begin).

Becky is our friend from college, married to Kevin (who missed up our couples hang out night . . . every single time we had it), and co-laborer for the cause of the vehicularly injured peoples of Louisville, Kentucky.

In other words, Beck and Beth worked together for two years at a law firm in Louisville – and this is where they became bosom buddies.

And now? Well, here is a recent conversation Becky had in a far away land, in a language she does not (yet) know, in a magical place, we like to call, a taxi cab:

Me: How are you?
Cab driver: Huh?
Me: (in my head) ok…that one didn’t work…onto the next question…do you like to eat apples?
Cab driver: some sort of response…I have no clue what he said…
Me: Do you like small dogs?
Cab driver: Laughs at me.
Me: Do you have any children?
Cab driver: Two children. (Finally! An answer I can understand!)
Me: How old are they?
Cab driver: Some numbers I can’t understand. I hate learning numbers! I never learned numbers when I studied Spanish. Somehow I don’t think that will work out well for me here…
Me: Are you tired?
Cab driver: No.
Me: Are you cold? I am cold. But I have this (point to coat) and this (point to gloves). What are these called?
Cab driver: Repeats word. Repeats word again because I have utterly mispronounced it in my feeble attempt at repetition.
Me: (as we pass a roller coaster…weird…random roller coaster on side of the highway) Do you like this?
Cab driver: Laughs. Says no…I think.

Should you care to follow more Beck and Kev’s adventures, feel free to take a Peek at the Peeks.

And now, what you have all been waiting for! Becky conquers the Kingwood Marathon!

Special thanks to:

  • Becky – she ran a long way
  • Beth – minimal motion sickness from excessively quick pan shots
  • Lee – for pushing a couple buttons on a computer
  • Kevin & Foster – phenomenal job, just phenomenal.  She couldn’t have done it without you.

Link: ‘Taxi Conversations 101

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