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spotlight: he don’t lie (Bon Iver leak)

From Brandon Rogers in a recent comment on re:wilsons:

Blood Bank

You’ll Love Me

Odd.  So I pick up the phone and make a phone call.

On the other end. “I heard people talking about Bon Iver leaking one of his songs off his new EP, and I knew you would love it”

I do Brandon. I do.  You were right.

. . . . . . .

Here is the official release from BonIver.com:

BON IVER Releases MP3 For Blood Bank EP

Jagjaguwar is proud to release the first high quality MP3 (nice try with all those crappy vinyl rips!) from the much anticipated BON IVER “Blood Bank” EP.

Leave it to BON IVER to make blood donation sound sexy. Have we ever found love at a blood bank? No. Have we ever made out in a car after donating blood? No. This song certainly brings us there, though, munching on cookies and drinking juice boxes in order to keep from fainting in that snowy parking lot. Red and white. Blood and snow.

Pitchfork was one of the firsts to weigh in on the title song:
“You can feel him stretching a bit, playing around with different ways to tell stories in his songs. ‘Blood Bank’ doesn’t really have a proper chorus– a leap up to a weary high note is as close at it gets– and there’s no bridge, either. Instead, it’s just a steady funeral march trailing behind one repeating chord progression, a lean and stark structure to match the song’s blown-out world.”

The EP will be released in digital, cd and vinyl formats on January 20th (19th in the UK) by Jagjaguwar, worldwide. No promotional copies will be available until that time.

Please enjoy the song “Blood Bank

I love the thumb of the nose and mockery of people who have attempted to rip Bon Iver’s new stuff.  Good fun.

Bon Appetit!

  1. Jason
    January 16, 2009 at 7:29 pm

    Ok. I’ve gone long enough avoiding these Bon Iver posts you keep throwin up.

    Your persistence has won out. Congrats, and thanks at the same time.

    I dig. I totally dig. And now I’m tracking down more.

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