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spotlight: hope for the hopeless

Believe it or not, the man you are about to see is engaged to be married.

He is an awesome guy who loves Christ, loves the local church, and who I respect (despite the contents of these videos).

He is engaged to an incredible girl who, I am confident, is one of those excellent wives that Proverbs 31 says “are hard to find”.

Congrats on finding Hannah, Nate.  You better be thankful.

In order to prove that I am not making up Hannah’s affection for the King of Krunk Dance (not to be confused with Michael Flatley‘s Lord of the Dance), I will have her introduce her future husband:

Over the break for Christmas and the coming of the new year, Nate and I have spent 80% of our time LAUGHING.  We love to be out of school, homeworkless, and for the most part, off of work.  Here are a few videos of the outflow of these moments.  Never before have you seen ANYTHING like this…

and THIS…

I know that you probably can handle no more greatness than that.  I will now leave you to watch over and over again.  Make sure to watch enough to observe every facial expression.

There you go fellas.  If you love Jesus and seek him first, you can still be a total spaz and find a godly woman to spend the rest of your life loving, leading, serving, laughing with, and dancing for.

Head over to Nate and Hannah’s blog Double You to see more of this great couple.  They have a great engagement story and, if one of them will get motivated and do it, I would love to link to their engagement story – it is a great testimony of the gospel in their lives.

Link: ‘What You Have All Been Waiting For

. . . . . . .

Disclaimer: “The dance moves expressed in this blog post do not necessarily reflect the opinion of this author, the institution of Union University, or its affiliates.”

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