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becky 26.2: an easy 7 miles

The epic tale of Becky’s marathon adventures continue!

Will she poop out in the middle of the race?  Will she collapse from hemorrhaging blisters?  Will her body give out and force her to crawl across the finish line?

Will the Wilsons ever get the breakfast and coffee we so desperately need?  Where will we eat lunch once the race is finished?

Does Becky make her time goal?  Does Kevin finally figure out how to read those tiny little names on the runners’ name tags so he can cheer them on with something other than a random number?

Only time will tell – so keep watching.

Here’s the second installation from re:film documentaries.

The race has only just begun!

. . . . . . .

Spoiler alert! Look for new characters and high drama in the forthcoming episode(s).

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