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raising abbey: good taste in textiles

I am really thankful for a wife who has an aesthetic taste with an adventurous flare –  a wife who has concocted an incredible master plan for baby Abbey’s room.

That is where textiles come into the picture.

While we were in Houston, Beth’s mom took us on a shopping trip to Fashion Fabrics and basically turned Beth loose to explore four floors of fabric and pick out everything we need to the crib, window treatments, and rocking chair.

Before you get to see what came of our day, let me give a HUGE “thank you” to Mama K for her amazing generosity.  We love you and appreciate you Mama K.

Now, on to the first clip:

Favorite fabrics picked out, now comes the hard work of piecing together the exact look of the crib, curtain, pillows, and whatnot:

We now have a greater respect for interior designers – this stuff is hard work, and exhausting:

I will reiterate – Beth has done an incredible job with Abbey’s room.  I think that Abbey is definitely have the coolest room out of all her little friends, and I know that she has the coolest mom.

I am really proud of Beth for the thought that she has put into “nesting” for Abbey – and I cannot wait until everything is done and we can share it with you all.

Along with the great prode I have in my wife, I am also truly appreciative of my mother-in-law, who took 4 hours out of her birthday festivities to venture into the fabric store with us.

Not only that, but Mama K is also sacrificing her Saturdays for the next 6 weeks to work her sewing magic and custom tailor the crib bumpers, crib skirt, decorative pillows, and curtains.

What a sacrifice.  What a mother-in-law.  What a grandmother.  What fortunate parents-to-be are we.

. . . . . . .

Do you remember anything about your childhood room?  What was your favorite thing about your room when you were little?

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