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photo leak: bbrogers.com photo shoot

A few weeks ago in Louisville, Beth and I were able to get together with some of our most greatest super-duperest friends, Brandon and Beth Rogers, who are incredibly gifted photographers (check out their work by clicking on the image below).


On a butt cold Satruday morning, the Rogers had a stroke of genius and took some really amazing photos of me, Beth, and baby Abbey-to-be.

We have been trying to keep the paparazzi from getting their hands on the shots and putting them out in the press, but their ended up being a Facebook leak that spread like wildfire to the infamous Pittfest blog and, from there, it moved like lightening to hundreds of dozens of other blogs.

So, we figured, lets just accept the hand that has been dealt us and put some of those photos out for the enjoyment of friends and family.




Look forward to some more shots forthcoming.

(We just love to look at photos of ourselves on our own blog)

Thanks Rogers!

  1. December 23, 2008 at 3:38 pm

    Oops. Sorry.


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