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Lisa Miller: no-show on Laura Ingraham?

newsweekI heard it through the grapevine that Lisa Miller, the controversial author of this week’s Newsweek cover story,”Our Mutual Joy“, was going to be on the Laura Ingraham Show.

I am not usually a follower of the Laura Ingraham show, but it caught my attention because Albert Mohler, the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, would be participating in the interview about homosexual marriage.

Then, word came through Twitter that Dr. Mohler was dropped from the interview because Lisa Miller did not want a theological debate.

Then, I am sitting here to listen to the interview and Laura Ingraham reports that Lisa Miller was on the phone during the break before the interview was to begin – suddenly, she says, “I gotta call you back,” never to be heard from again.

What? Huh?

First thing first, I hope there is not a family emergency or anything like that happening (update: there was not).  We have to give her the benefit of the doubt and hold out on judgment until she is allowed to answer for this aberrant behavior (update: her excuse when she called in – see below – was fairly lame).

What a strange sequence of events.

I was really looking forward to an exchange between the suddenly controversial Miller and Dr. Mohler, or at least a rigorous interview by Laura Ingraham.

Oh well.

Check out these links if you are curious to know more about Lisa Miller’s botched attempt at interpreting the Bible’s view on marriage:

Dr. Mohler’s commentary – “Turning the Bible on its Head: Newsweek Goes for Gay Marriage

Justin Taylor’s helpful post – “Newsweek’s Revisionist, Religious Case for Gay Marriage

. . . . . . .

Update:  Out of nowhere, here comes Lisa Miller, who explains that she got crossed up on her media interview times.

I guess that Laura Ingraham decided that, since Miller bailed on her earlier interview, that she would unleash Dr. Mohler.

lisamillerMiller argues that her article poses Scripture-based religious arguments and that the Bible does not show any homosexual marriage relationships, so it does not speak to the issue of homosexual marriage.

What a mess of an interview!

Ingraham is unloading on Miller for basic inconsistencies in her argument.  I understand her exasperation, not her tone, at this harebrained argument that Miller is trying to make.

Fundamentally, Ingraham is right that Miller is “cherry picking” what she wants to take as transcendent truths and disregarding the rest, claiming that the Bible is a “living document” that follows the trajectory of culture.  At its core, her argument is inconsistent and incoherent, but it includes enough nods to Scripture and pithy “proverbial sayings” to make her sound like she is on to something.

albertmohler1Dr. Mohler points out that Miller is trying to talk about the Bible’s truth on marriage while bypassing an earnest attempt to define marriage according to Scripture.

Miller’s retort, essentially: I don’t know anybody who wants to be in any of the marriages depicted in the Bible, we need to try to be as inclusive as possible and extend the Scriptural principle of love.

Ingraham’s Final Thoughts: Lisa Miller wrongly tries to play biblical concepts of love against the biblical position on marriage, attempting to say that they are at odds.

Miller completely misses what the Bible has to say about both.

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