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spotlight: new mom advice from the Pitts

Beth has a pact with her best friend Sarah.

Sarah and her husband (one of my best friends) Matt just had their first little one – a sweet girl named Grace Elisabeth.

This is God’s good providence to us, because Sarah gets to be Beth’s fullback. She gets to run out a little in front of Beth and take some pretty serious body blows and do some solid damage to the opposition . . . and we get to benefit from her hard labor.

Accordingly, the pact is that Sarah tells Beth everything.

By “everything” we mean the “good, bad, weird, embarrassing, awkward, painful, agonizing, unspoken, and whatever else” of having a baby.

In honor of this pact, I decided to spotlight some sage advice that Sarah recently posted on her blog:

The two words of wisdom I have been told in this season of life that have brought me the most freedom have been:

1. “She is a person to be shaped, not a robot to be programmed.” -Matt

2. “The good news is, she won’t remember any of this!” -Mandy

So, new mom, be free!

Thanks for the good advice Sarah – and thanks for honoring the pact from day one.

Thanks as well for keeping the blog freshly posted with pictures of your beautiful daughter – you should see Beth light up when Google Reader shows a new Pittsfest post.

We get really excited about pictures like these:

20081209-100_03351 20081030-100_0115

  1. December 10, 2008 at 3:48 pm

    I feel honored to be in the re:wilson Spotlight!

    It is a privilege to be a member of the pact with my BFF. The good news for us, sweet friend, is that I unapologetically pick the brains of lots of mommies who have gone before us and share it with you. Anything I come up with “on my own” is usually wrong, or right by the grace of God.

    I can’t wait to meet your precious girl. I’m glad we decided that Abby and Grace will be best friends.

    See you guys really soon!!

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