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a frightful deluge of grace

as I sit in my office reading C.J. Mahaney’s little book Humility: True Greatness, there is a pretty serious thunderstorm over West Tennessee that has been dropping buckets all day.

though it is a little book, Humility is one of those soul-wrenching reads.  how could i miss the extent to which our God loathes and despises prideful and haughty hearts?  how could i miss that the essence of pride is “self-glorification” and “contending for supremacy with God”?

what terrifying truth.  what terrifying warnings against pridefulness God gives us in Scripture.20081209-thunderstorm

he actively opposes the proud.

the arrogant in heart will not escape punishment.

prideful haughtiness is an abomination.

outside the thunder booms and bangs, occasionally rattling the building.  lightning flashes and cracks through the sky.

terrifying.  when it catches you off guard, there is little that rattles you like the fury of a thunderclap.

“The warnings from Scripture about pride could not be more serious and sobering.  And they’re an expression of God’s mercy, intended for our good.”

the wise man will take the thunderclap at face value.  he will hear the might of the storm and be warned – today is a day to heed the voice of the storm and watch the rain from the safety of the indoors.

these sonic explosions in the sky are God’s grace to the man who listens.

these cosmic soul-shaking revelations from God, terrifying and fearful as they are, are God’s grace to the wise man.

flee pride.  put haughtiness to death.  heed the Words of God.

pursue humility.  find life in humility.  heed the Words of God.

  1. December 9, 2008 at 6:16 pm

    Lee, you have drawn a wonderful connection between God’s general and special revelation. I commend you on your alertness to God’s simultaneous display of His power in both the storm and the word.

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