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the point of wrestling with writing

whenever I start writing a paper for class, there is always a little part of me that wonders if all the work and frustration of wrangling with words is going to be worth it.

penpaperit almost always is.

i just finished a paper that is probably one of the most challenging papers I have written in a while.  it was only 8-10 pages, but I had a lot to say and it was an extremely controversial and taboo subject relating to sexual ethics, so it took a lot of work to pack everything in and stay on point.

when you write papers about hard things the process is for yor benefit – it stretches you to think deeply and clearly.

when you write paper about controversial things it is for the benfit of others – you battle with the controversy and come out better able to explain and serve.

when you write papers that require a lot of wrestling to make sure that what you are saying is right – you honor God because you have labored to submit your thought to his greater wisdom and authority.

now if only I could learn to be more diligent, less lazy, and not procrastinate so much…

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