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on the road: friends in Louisville


When we moved to Louisville we fell in love with the city.  We fell in love with the people. We fell in love with the culture.  We fell in love with the colors.

Growing up in Texas, spring and fall lasted all of about two weeks – blink and you miss the fresh weather and beautiful foliage.

This weekend’s trip to Louisville was about much more than the Kentucky colors, but man if the colors were absolutely beautiful.

The big reason we headed up to Louisville last Friday was for Beth to spend Saturday with her good friend Sarah Medley as she had her final dress fitting (“she looked really beautiful … it fit her perfectly” -Beth) and an appointment for her hair and makeup for her upcoming wedding on December 5th.  Beth was also able to hang out with all her girls from Winters. Yonker, and Rouselle to celebrate at the bachelorette party.

20081115-dscn2604Because I don’t travel well when I am going to be alone for long amounts of time, we decided to bring some friends – Mike Evans and Jewel Marshall.  

Mike and Jewel are basically awesome friends, so we really brought them along because we enjoy hanging out with them and wanted to share our lives and city with them.  As it turns out, we made a great decision and had a blast with Mike and Jewel – great conversations, belly laughs, and fun adventures.

We stayed with the infamous Brandon and Bethan Rogers (and you know we are all about bbrogers.com) in Old Louisville.  As always, it was so good to see Brandon and Bethan.  I think they must be some kind of weird “married couple soul mates” or something.  When we all hang out together everything just clicks and feels right.

Ok, I am not going to say everything that could be said about our trip to Louisville in this one post, so look for more photos, Beth’s bridesmaid dress, and updates on what’s going down at Hunsinger Lane Baptist Church (our Louisville church family) in the next day or two.

Until then, here’s another picture to tide you over:

mike, jewel, beth, lee

mike, jewel, beth, lee, & brandon's book embosser

  1. Jason
    November 19, 2008 at 12:55 pm

    Dude, you’re becoming quite the photographer.

    Louisville falls. Mmmmmmmmmhmmmmmmmm. That’s a dang pretty scene.

  2. Mello
    November 19, 2008 at 9:21 pm

    so sad i missed you guys!
    my dad said it was great seeing you.
    & i agree with jason. cant wait to see more pictures of your time in my favorite city!

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