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an unexpected night in Nashville

Sometimes caller ID brings good news.  Last Friday was one of those times.

When my phone blew up that afternoon I looked down to see my buddy Brandon’s name on the screen.

Beth and I went to to college with Brandon and his lovely wife Bethan.  We all knew each other, went to the same church, and our circle of close friends overlapped, but somehow we never really got to know each other very well.

There are times in my life when I have found myself thinking, “Self, if you had the time or opportunity, you would be really great friends with that guy”.  

Brandon was one of those guys, but Beth and I up and got married and moved to Louisville.  In most cases a big move like that would slam the door on a potential friendship, but in this case we had a second chance.

When Brandon and Bethan married and decided to move to Louisville for seminary, Beth and I were all over them like white on rice.  As soon as they moved into their apartment, Beth and I were quick to connect with them and we soon became fast friends.

If you happen to be married, you know that finding good married friends is more complicated than when you are single.  Its not just a matter of one relationship working out – the husbands have to get along, the wives have to enjoy each other, the husbands have to enjoy spending time around each others wives, vice versa for the ladies, and all four of you need to play well together.  

It can be a complicated thing, but fortunately for us, the Wilsons and the Rogers are a perfect match.

So when my phone rang during a meeting on Friday, I was excited to get back to my buddy Brandon and catch up – we have missed them greatly since we moved from Louisville to Jackson.  

As excited as I was to talk, I was even more excited to find out that Brandon and Bethan were going to be shooting a wedding only two hours away in Nashville AND they wanted to meet up with us for dinner when the wedding reception wrapped up (check out their outstanding photography at bbrogers.com).  

Double awesome! We loaded up the car and, well, quickly realized that it was still Friday and we would either have to sit in the car for 18 hours or wait (somewhat) patiently in our house before we could actually leave.  When that sweet hour finally arrived, we gassed up the KIA and headed East to the beautiful city of Nashville.

Nashville Rocks!

Not only did we get to see Brandon and Bethan. Not only did we get to have two hours hanging out and tlking about little Abigail and how much we love each other. But we also got to have dinner at this great little place called Jackson’s Bar & Bistro.

Oh baby! Lee had this incredible sirloin steak with a gorgeous pat of garlic butter sitting beautifully atop a pile of crispy french fries.  Beth had some really tasty pork tenderloin medallions drizzled with sweet chipotle sauce and served with little roast potatoes.  

Not to mention the dessert!  Check this out: chocolate chip cookie dough egg rolls – a la mode

Dinner was followed with coffee, mocha, and lattes at this dope little coffee joint on 21st Street called Fidos.  

Our drinks were really great and the conversation even better.  Hands down, the best part of the conversation was when we decided to make a phone call to hotels.com and find a hotel room to stay the night and watch the Texas v. Texas Tech game (which went the wrong direction).

Anybody who knows the Wilsons (or who has at least read the story of our trip to Chicago) knows that there is a key equation in play here: 

hotels.com + the Wilsons = something interesting. 

As was the case in Chicago, the equation held true in Nashville.  

After we called the hotels.com hotline and booked a suite at the Airport Ramada, we hopped on the interstate and headed towards the hotel.  Having stopped to pick up some toothbrushes and toothpaste, we ended up having to drive down this weird little street through a East Nashville subdivision and then loop around and drive up a meandering access road to our final destination.

Once we pulled up to the Ramada, Lee had to stand outside of the locked door of the lobby for about 10 minutes before the lady working the desk finally unlocked the door.  By the time the door opened, another had joined me in waiting – and they were pissed!

Evidently, this couple was staying on a lower floor and the room above them developed a massive leak that caved the ceiling in and soaked all of their possessions – including their laptop computer.

“Oh baby. This is not a good start.”

The time came for me to check into the hotel and – surprise, surprise – no room reserved for the Wilson party.

Seriously?!? This is not happening.

Problem solved.  It only took about ten more minutes to find a suite available for the night, so she passed over the key and we drove over to park and walk up the stairs to our room on the third floor.

I hope the third quarter hasn’t ended yet … um … is our door ajar?  Um … is that a half empty six pack of Corona on the coffee table?  Why is there cigarette smoke in our hotel room? Oh crap, we better move it before the owner of that booze and smoke pops his head around the corner … and brings his gun with it”

No joke. I don’t know what happened, but either the computer system got crossed up or the lady behind the desk got caught up.  By the time we got back down to the desk I did not even want to ask questions, I just told the lady what was up and took the keys that she handed me and headed back up the stairs.

Second floor … left at the top of the stairs, right at the balcony, sixth door on the right … man, I hope this is the end of the adventure … but not the end of the football game.”

Fortunately, the hotel game was over and the football game was not.  

I am not quite sure how Ramada validated squeezing two full sized beds into that little room (you had no choice but to crawl over the bed to get into the closet), but other than the tight quarters and the white stains on the drapes, our Nashville Ramada adventure wound to a close and we had an absolute blast with the Rogers.  Check out the photographic evidence of good times below:



  1. Brandon
    November 12, 2008 at 10:53 pm

    My face in that picture does not show the immense amount of happiness that was welling up within my soul. Maybe it’s because those dirty Red Raiders won.

    That night will go down as one of the greats. Love was in the air, sparks were flying, and I could say the same for the girls (sheepish grin).

    Love you dog.

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