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photo phresh: the baby room sessions

20081109-dsc_0087This weekend we had a blast working on the baby’s room.

It was a couple of months ago that Beth has her “vision” for the baby’s room and, no joke, when I told her that I really liked her idea for the room I thought her face was literally going to split in half from smiling so big.

She also began to function like a human pogo-stick, bouncing around my office flapping her elbows and clapping her hands with great enthusiasm.

It was awesome.

This weekend we began to implement the vision and, if I don’t say so myself, this room is going to be sweet.  We were so excited about the baby’s room that we busted out the Nikon D70 and had a fun time experimenting with some different photo ideas.  

Most of these photos are the result of our meager photographic experience (
Lee used to work at Ritz Camera developing film, selling cameras, and we have also done some engagement photos for friends) combined with leaving the shutter on the camera open for a prolonged amount of time.

The results – a lot of fun and some cool/eerie photos.

We won’t be posting pictures of the room until all the work is finished – so you have that to look forward to in the weeks to come.  You will also be getting you first glimpse of the crib that Lee’s parents generously and lovingly purchased for little Abigail Ruth.

So, in lieu of baby room photos, here are a few of our favorite photos from the baby room sessions.







  1. November 10, 2008 at 8:14 pm

    Hey you guys! I knew y’all had a blog but never knew the address until low and behold today I was on facebook and noticed it on the feed thingy. Anyways, we are super excited for y’all baby girl coming. And we love the name Abigail. We will find out the sex of our baby right before Christmas and can’t wait! We hope y’all are doing well! -haley & tyler

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