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‘definitely, maybe’: definitely

One man. Three women. One little girl.

The little girl? She’s his daughter – and one of them is her mother.

The movie, a romantic comedy, is a mature one.  

It deals with some serious issues: the opening scene has divorce papers being delivered to Will Hayes, played by Ryan Reynolds, who is one his way out of his office to pick his daughter up from school.  When he arrives at school – the student body is going crazy because (surprise!) the school decided to teach sex education during health class.

Shocking at first.  Well, let’s be honest, it really isn’t that shocking if you are a normal human being who exists outside of the weirdness of the conservative evangelical subculture.

That is exactly why this movie is worth watching.  It deals with some underlying issues of what children are having to deal with these days; the ways that they are having to grow up in our times.  

This movie is not just an exercise is “culture discernment” or “worldview analysis” – it is a really interesting comedy/romance/mystery all wrapped up in an intriguing story.  The twist that will keep you watching?  Both you, the viewer, and Maya, the daughter, get to try to figure out which of the three women are the mother – at the same time.

Should you watch ‘Definitely, Maybe‘? Definitely.  I think you will enjoy it, and probably learn a thing or two about our culture at the same time.



Will Hayes – Ryan Reynolds

Maya Hayes – Abigail Breslin

Emily – Elizabeth Banks

April Hoffman – Isla Fisher

Summer Hartley – Rachel Weisz

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