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death by love: and it begins

Earlier this month my great friend (and brand new father) Matt Pitts surprised me with a package containing what is, for me, the most highly anticipated book of the year – no other book even comes close.

Pittsy knows me well, not only did he hook me up with Mark Driscoll’s Death by Love: Letters from the Cross, but he also went above and beyond to write a note inside the front cover (which is tremendously meaningful to me).

When I called him to tell him how much I appreciated the gift, I told Pittsy that my plan was to blog my way through the book as I read it.

My goal in posting the “death by love” blogs to come is not to provide a boring summary of the book (I would much rather leave that to some other blogger out there); rather, my goal is to whet your appetite to pick this book up and read it for yourself.

Translation = there won’t be any chapter outlines, long summations, or massive block quotes. I want to point you to the book and encourage to pick it up and read it for yourself.

Let’s get started:

I think this book may be the most theologically and pastorally significant book of the year (I am tempted to say “the decade”)


Death by Love is all about the gospel – the multifaceted beauty of the gospel as it applies to dirty, gritty, angst-filled, painful reality.

What does the gospel mean when you have been raped? When your father abused you?

What does believing in Christ’s death by love mean for a child molester? If your mother has terminal cancer?

How does the gospel bring salvation to the demon oppressed? to men and women trapped in the world of (viewing and participating in) pornography?

What does the gospel mean to you?

As Mark Driscoll says at the close of the preface, my “prayer is that this book (or series of posts) will be intensely practical in nature, pastoral in tone, theological in depth, biblical in content, and worshipful in consequence.”

And, as Pittsy said in the front cover of my copy of Death by Love, “May you grow in your love for Christ and the church for which he died as you read.”

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