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my best friend is having a baby – today!

I finally got the call this morning at 9:30 that my best friend is in labor and Lord-willing, will deliver her daughter sometime today, possibly early tomorrow morning.

I have been anticipating this phone call for so long. In fact, everytime she has called within the past two weeks I have expected for it to be “the call.” So of course, in order to alleviate my anxiety, we decided her first words to me before any conversation could proceed need to be, “Hey I am not in labor.”

Well this morning, after two missed calls (I can’t believe I missed the calls) she graciously persisted and called Lee’s phone.

I answer, and she says in a quiet, pained voice, “Hey what are you doing?”

Before I could answer or ask any questions, the next thing I know I am talking to Matt, her husband, because she is having a contraction.

He informs me they are in fact headed to the hospital. I could sense the excitement in Matt’s voice, while still being calm and collected for the sake of his wife.

Soon after he passed the phone to Sarah.

She explained the contractions started this morning at around 4am and that currently they were about 4 minutes apart and about a minute in length. They were on their way to the hospital.

We agreed to hang up as soon as her next contraction started. Needless to say, we did not get to talk much longer.

Please pray for her and Matt and for sweet Grace Elisabeth Pitts. Today could be her birthday!

We cannot wait to meet her. I trust Matt and Sarah will raise a beautiful sweet godly daughter.

Matt, Sarah and Gracie (I know you can't see her yet)

Matt, Sarah and Gracie (a very tiny Gracie)

You can check out their blog at http://mattandsarahpitts.blogspot.com/

I believe they will be trying to post updates as the delivery progresses.

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