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Scroll down and check this out, I will explain after the jump:

Saturday I posted about a new approach to the news – current.com and current_tv.

The clip above is the new preview/promo clip for Vanguard Journalism, which is perhaps the best televised journalism that I have ever encountered.

What I love about Vanguard is that they feature stories that other mainstream news outlets would probably 1) never take time to show you and 2) definitely never send journalists to thoroughly investigate and then devote thirty minutes of broadcast time to report on.

Where else can you watch a thirty minute program on the effect that the oil industry is having on nations like Kenya?  Who else sends a reporter to investigate allegations of mass corruption in Myanmar (Burma) … before the typhoon even hit?

One of the best things about Vanguard Journalism, for those of you who don’t have satellite access, is that all of their news segments (mini-documentaries, really) are available for free on current_tv.

More importantly, you can also vodcast (the video version of podcasting) on your itunes!

If I have not sold you yet, let me end with a quote from Laura Ling – who is one of the Vanguard Journalists (Some of you may remember her sister, Lisa Ling, a “Channel 1” journalist from back in the day).

Here is the reason Laura Ling decided to get on board with Vanguard and Current_TV:

I’m rarely inspired by what I see in the media. Television is supposed to be the most powerful medium—but TV news seems to be anything but powerful. Vanguard is trying to change that. We’re trying to provide knowledge and context about what’s happening in our world as opposed to just covering random news events. We hope our work generates dialogue about the important issues affecting our lives.

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