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unexpected gender discovery day


little girl or little boy?

little girl or little boy?

Friday morning was my 22 week baby check-up. Initially, I told Lee he did not have to come to this one if he did not want to. They should just check my blood pressure, my weight, listen to the heartbeat, and make sure I didn’t have any questions.

By God’s grace, Lee decided to come with me that morning. Looking back, I am very grateful he came.

As we walked into the room, the nurse checked my blood pressure as scheduled, my weight, and listened to the heartbeat – 136, same as it was four weeks prior.

Soon after, a glorious vision in white entered the room. Yes, I am referring to the ob/gyno.

He asked if we had any questions at this point and then explained what they would do in the upcoming appointments. We must have mentioned that we were unable to determine if the baby was a boy or girl – I don’t remember.

All I remember is him saying, “Well let’s see if we can squeeze you in for a gender check.”

Lee almost stopped him mid-sentence and explained we knew insurance wouldn’t cover the cost of a second ultrasound and we therefore did not know if we could pay for a “gender check”, as the doctor called it.

The doctor assured us we wouldn’t see any charges for it. In fact he said it would only take about five minutes.

So off we were down the hall, for a “quick gender check.”

Well, I will say seeing the baby on the ultrasound is something that will never cease to amaze me. As Sally once said, “all I do is eat and sleep and somehow there is baby.”

Back to the ultrasound.

The good news is the baby is no longer in breech; however, little Wilson would not crack his/her legs.

Not only were they crossed, but its knees were together as well.

So after ten minutes the technician said, “Try rolling over on your side and then switch to the other, I will be right back.”

So there I lay on my side with some sort of gross substance on my stomach (If you have had an ultrasound you know what I mean). I then flipped to my other side just in time to greet a second technician as she walked in the door.

Apparently technician #1 needed some help with stubborn baby Wilson, so she found technician #2.

After rolling on my back again, the technician told me the baby had moved, but moved with its legs crossed and knees together, thus, no progress.

If you know me, this is where it gets extremely painful.

The baby’s legs are right around my belly button. So of course this is where the ultrasound probe thingy has to venture.

I HATE BELLY BUTTONS!  In fact I gag at the very thought of mine being touched.

It sends chills down my spine.

Not only did the technician putting this contraption in my belly button, she then attempts to make the baby move by jiggling the probe thingy in all sorts of directions on top of my belly button. Of course, baby Wilson does not move at all.

I wanted to throw up. It was awful.

So here’s the scene: 15 minutes have passed, there are two technicians, Lee and myself in a dark room with tight-legged baby Wilson, while I have some sort of probe in my belly button.

The technicians then being to talk and determine they should put the probe near the head to make it uncomfortable and see if the baby will move.

The technician then presses down very firmly on my lower abdomen trying to limit the amount of head room the baby has, hoping the baby will kick its legs. This proceeds for at least another two minutes.

After 20 minutes, baby Wilson finally begins to move.

It looks like the knees moved just enough for them to get a cross section and determine the gender.

So the official word is – it’s a girl!

After hearing that baby Wilson is, in fact, a she, I am much more comfortable with her keeping her legs crossed and knees together even at the behest of her parents to do otherwise.

We are both very excited. She weighs a full pound this week and is 11 inches long, or about 8 inches curled up.

I am grateful to God for this little girl. I believe whole-heartedly children are a blessing from him.

As we were singing “Before the Throne of God” in church Sunday, I began to pray that she would be able to sing these lyrics too and that every word would be true for her.

  1. October 21, 2008 at 1:01 am

    oh yippy skippy for little girls!!! congrats you two!!!
    and beth, as i read about your ultrasound/belly button experience, i was reminded of a time back in the day when you and lee first moved into the old louisville flat…there was some kind of photo shoot going on in the great hall and i helped some other girls (i think anna and vanessa) pick you up. only i was the one in the middle (nearest your belly button) and unexpectedly touched it while holding you! of course at the time i had no idea of your hating of belly buttons, and so as i replayed this in my head, it made me laugh and then feel bad (especially since it is documented on film!) and so i wanted to offer my deepest apologies again for being one of the few who have caused undue stress in your life by messing with your belly button! :)
    all this talk makes me miss you! hope your pregnancy continues to go well!
    and i hope you guys can agree on a name cause nick and i seem to always have trouble with the girl ones!
    adios for now!

  2. amber
    October 21, 2008 at 8:13 pm

    yay its a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    = )

  3. October 21, 2008 at 9:50 pm

    Yay BFF for Gracie!!

  4. lauren day
    October 22, 2008 at 1:48 am

    So exciting! Send me your address so that I can send the lil miss a treat!

  5. Brandon
    October 22, 2008 at 2:17 am

    A modest girl at that.

    Way to go!

  6. Foaster Coaster
    October 22, 2008 at 7:07 pm

    Way to go Lee! Get that X chromosone in there!

    On another note, I lost my phone and I need to chat with you. Give me a call at the same number.

  7. Cami
    October 27, 2008 at 3:35 pm

    Wilsons with a girl! This is so fun! Julie had informed me of the news a little bit ago, but I just had to say a congrats on the blog. Gotta love Gender Discovery Day…

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