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spotlight: Joe @ engraveyourbook.com


The internet is awesome.

I posted my tongue-in-cheek take on finding out that my favorite Moleskine journal engraver has stopped laser engraving Moleskines and, lo and behold, only a few minutes later (literally, no joke) the owner/etcher at engraveyourbook.com has left a comment on my post.

Wild. What a good job of brand protection – and he’s got a healthy sense of humor to boot!

I was not expecting to bring back the new “spotlight” feature quite so soon, but how could I pass this opportunity up?

Here’s Joe:

In response to this dramatic post – I just wanted to assure you that engraving your book did not kill me – haha wow…the title is great! “close call: nearly an accessory to manslaughter” The toxins released were properly filtered, but I put my operation on hold the moment I discovered the PVC issue because I want to develop a sustainable business (the hydrochloric acid produced when engraving the books actually corrodes the expensive laser machine over time : (

I’m just about to launch a replacement which is reusable, biodegradable, and looks much better engraved.

Thanks for your concern over my health – i’m feeling great! cyclocross season in Portland Oregon just started and my first race was a blast!



In conclusion (this is code for “I am now going to repeat everything he just said in my own words”), Joe seems to be doing really great – despite the toxic gases that he has devoted his life to liberating from the cover of Moleskine journals!

In all seriousness, Joe has obviously done his homework and approached laser engraving with an eye for safety, wearing all of the proper equipment and deciding to become an environmentally sustainable company (which also translates into being a technologically sustainable company and a finacially sustainable technology).

I am eager to see the new product that they have in development and, in the mean time, if you have some extra cash laying around you can have your face engraved into your iPhone, iPod, Macbook, squash, prosthetic arm, or any other fruit or vegetable you can imagine.

Stay sharp!

Also, anybody have a clue what a “cyclocross” is?  Perhaps a bicycle race in a cyclone?


  1. samuelmasonking
    October 10, 2008 at 3:02 pm

    I bought a cyclocross bike last year when I got home from France. It is a road bike frame, a bit sturdier than normal, with knobby tired. Not big fat ones, but like 1.25″ ones. So, technicality aside, its a road bike that you can take on mountain bike trails without fear of busting a rim, and can ride in the drops like those in the Tour de France. Races are pretty intense on trails, with obstacles you have to dismount and climb over with your bike.

    And of course, there is the long version: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyclocross

    And as soon as Joe is back and working under ideal conditions, I am going to send him some business.

  2. Josh
    October 31, 2008 at 5:53 pm

    I don’t want to take anything from Joe’s excellent quality work. But when I saw this Make article on Moleskin etching, I immediately thought of my old friend Lee and his problems in getting


    It clearly won’t provide the same level of detail that you are used to with the laser engraving, but perhaps it could provide temporary relief from a completely undecorated moleskin.

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