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debatable vices and victuals ’08

Round Two, let’s get it on.

  • Biden did an impressive job of taking the Iraq issue and turning it into a economic issue.  Right now America is thinking in dollar signs and throwing out the amount America is paying to bankroll the war is a smart move.
  • Palin is getting some jabs in by bringing up Joe Biden’s policy shifts from back when he was running for president to now, walking in lock step with Obama as his running mate.
  • I think that there will be some comparison drawn between the Presidential Debate and the Vice Presidential Debate, with roles reversed to some degree.  Biden is obviously more experienced than Palin, but Palin comes across as more compelling than Biden.
  • Unlike the Presidential Debate, where there were not strong sound bites, Biden did a crafty job of slipping that “bridge to nowhere” crack into the debate early on.
  • Palin just did a great job pulling off the “Washington Outsider” approach to telling Biden to just suck it up, talk straight about his voting to go Iraq, and quit waffling on his record.
  • Palin just threw the wink.  Watch out. (that’s gonna show up on SNL)
  • Biden, for whatever its worth, is not very likable.  His talking about taking a walk with him, but I got to wonder if anybody really wants to take him up on that offer.
  • Where in the world did this debate about the Constitutional role of the Vice President, this was less than advisable for Palin.  She just got thumb tacked with a Dick Cheney association – not good.  That was a bad door to open.
  • “John McCain has been a maverick on some things … he has not been a maverick on the things that matter to people today.” Strong move by Biden.
  • At points in this debate I find myself waiting for the commentators to step in when it is over and explain the ebb and flow of the debate to me, to clarify some of the finer details of policy positions and – sadly – to conclude who has won various portions of the debate.  It is a shame that we have structured things such that it is easy for us to abdicate our responsibility to make judgments for ourselves and use commentators as crutches.
  • Ha! Palin just said almost the same thing I did about media commentators – that surprised me.
  • Closing statements: Biden was stronger overall.

I am a bit disappointed with the debate overall, it was a bit of a letdown.  I don’t think that I learned anything decisive from the debate.  Neither Vice Presidential candidate blew me away and rose above the hype in my mind.  

Supporters of Palin probably breathed a sigh of relief.  Supporters of Biden probably are disappointed … my guess is that they were hoping that Palin would be a train-wreck, but she held her own. 

Here it is, the FOX dial poll I have been waiting for … WOW.  Almost EVERYBODY thought she won the debate.  They really like that she seemed like “Main Street America”. 

“Do you think she is qualified?” … WOW, a resounding “absolutely”.  I am really surprised by this.  They were really passionate about her.

This group is pretty excited about Palin, a handful even saying that they shifted to McCain.  They were especially in agreement with Palin’s words about the economy, that it is not the fault of the people, that we are going to learn from it, and we are not going to let it happen again.

One guy called it a “9/11 moment” a “mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore” moment.

I am surprised by the passionate response to the Sarah Palin.  So intriguing.

Last thoughts:  I am interested to see how the polls turn out after this debate and whether the positive vibe surrounding Palin is going to be sustainable.  

Also, regardless of who wins the election, every four years SNL is the real winner of the Presidential election season.  Especially this year, when I felt like SNL was in the process of a slow and meandering death.  I hope this boost of energy will be funnelled into regaining a sense of SNL humor that goes beyond the perverse and bizarre.

Finally, another real winner here is the third grade class in Alaska.  Extra credit is awesome.


***”News Flash” (this is not really a surprise, let’s be honest) – Biden made several misrepresentations of various votes and statements that he has made over the course of the debate.

  1. LadyE
    October 3, 2008 at 2:09 am

    You said that you feel Palin is coming across as being more compelling than Biden. That’s all well and good, if this were a debate about energy or anything “nuke-yoo-lir”.

    Just an aside … do Republicans go to a special class to learn how to mispronounce that word?

  2. leewilson7170
    October 3, 2008 at 3:09 am


    nice joke.

    I fundamentally agree that it SHOULD be about the issues, but that just is not dealing with the reality of it.

    The bar was set very low for Palin when it came to the issues, nobody expected much, this was a debate that was hyped to her advantage. Everybody was waiting to see either a train-wreck or a charismatic grand slam.

    It seems from the buzz that people perceive that she was pretty close to a grand slam.

  3. October 3, 2008 at 6:50 pm

    SNL was indeed dying a slow and meandering death. Hopefully this will draw some quality comedians back to SNL, and get rid of the duds like Keenan.

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