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you’re not cool … if you don’t organize your home library

Delicious Library

Delicious Library

There are a grand total of four people who read this blog who will be even the slightest bit interested about this post.

I get it, I understand that from the outset – but I am going to do it anyway.

(Also, I know the title of the post is probably not true, but a guy can always hope)

The past three weeks I have been on a quest that only a true bibliophile can really appreciate (as i write this Beth is looking over my shoulder with a quizzical expression – she doesn’t understand).  

For the past 9 months my books have been sitting, lined up in the hallway of our little house, confined to small cardboard boxes.  

They have been suffocating and claustrophobic and sad in their little recyclable coffins.

Fortunately, when my parents and grandparents came to visit a few weeks ago they decided that they were going to pitch in to fund a library rescue mission – we went to Target and purchased bookshelves (more on the bookshelves later).

Having found the shelves, I decided that I was going to do this home library thing the right way.

Back in Louisville, my organization system was downright pathetic.  I knew this was the case even before we moved, but it quickly became obvious that my system would require a massive overhaul in order to be serviceable here in Jackson.  The dynamics of my library have changed from a purely home library to a library split between home and work, with the expectation that I may even -GASP- be loaning out a few books to students and coworkers.

I had to have a game plan, a serious game plan.  I was going to have to get organized.

So, here is the system that I have developed, and I think it will accomplish everything that needs to be accomplished.  There are three tiers to the system: 1) Library Software 2) Meticulous Shelf Organization 3) Journal Software.

In future posts I will cover the shelves and the journal software, for now I will talk about the library software.

After playing with a couple of different library software options on my Mac, I decided that the Delicious Library software far surpassed all of the other options.  

Why this particular software? It has all the features I need to keep my library organized and, let’s be honest, it looks pretty cool, too.  Here is a screenshot:

Cool-factor aside, I like the Delicious Library software for the following reasons:

  • The library entries are saved and organized on my computer’s hard drive, unlike some programs that save all of your data through the internet.  I prefer the risk associated with my hardware over the irritation of not being able to access my library when the internet is down or unavailable.
  • I am not limited to only organizing my books, it will also track movies, music, and games (though I don’t use it for the last two).
  • I can set the software up to track different “shelves” of my books.  In other words, I can create a “Home” shelf and a “Union” shelf and keep tabs on where specific book are located.  This means that when I am using a commentary on 1 Timothy to prepare for our “Man Up” Bible study, I can take it back and forth from home to work and keep track of the movement on my computer.
  • Delicious Library also has the sweet feature (you may be able to see it at the bottom left of the screenshot) of being able to check books out to individuals.  Not only that, but if I was a total psycho I could set it up to send you a dirty email if you keep my book past the “due date”

All that to say, I am really pleased so far with how things are coming together with this library organization system.  I still have a few books left to load into the system, but it has been really satisfying to watch the total number of books creeping upwards as I add my library into the computer.

I have also found that inputing my books into the computer has reminded me of how much there is that I really want to read.  Considering that the past couple years of my life have been a real fight to regain my love for reading, the small cost of the software and the moderate time commitment to input the books into the computer has been well worth it.

More to come.

  1. Beth
    September 29, 2008 at 5:49 pm

    I love you my bibliophile.

  1. November 11, 2008 at 4:10 am

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