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world missions are not a game.

Let me begin by noting that security prevents me from sharing much detail – my apologies.

This week is GO Week at Union, the week that we devote to emphasizing world missions.  Practically speaking, this means that we announce the 17 Go Trips that come out of the Campus Ministry office while reminding Union students of Christ’s call to make disciples in every nation.

I was reminded and sobered that the call to world missions is no joke – the gospel is a matter of life and death, and proclaiming it can be a dangerous thing.

This afternoon I received a phone call from a country in Africa where one of my closest friends is serving.  

A few nights ago my friend was awoken by a late night phone call.  A call that informed him that a close friend and fellow missionary was in grave danger.

The worst of the danger had passed, but the situation was volatile.  

The situation?

Late in the night a mob of thieves snuck up to the high security compound that my friend’s friend (“Peter”) and his family were sleeping in.  They managed to enter the house and began looking for items of value.  

Bypassing some of the details, two men entered Peter’s room.  Miraculously, Peter woke up in time to defend himself and – miraculously – managed to physically drive the men through the house and force them – all of them – out through the doorway they came in.

We are talking about one unarmed man against half a dozen armed thieves.

Having driven the thieves out of the house, Peter notified the surrounding community – who came to the family’s aid in a hurry.

This is the life of the missionary.  This is the life of a family called to devote a lifetime to the cause of the gospel.

Having heard a story like this one – there are countless of them that would cause this to pale in comparison – some Christians would be inclined to respond, “Uh-uh, not me, no way, I will pray and send money.”

Agreed, pray and pay, but is Christ not worth more?  

We are not promised safety and security.  In fact, we are promised that if we follow Christ we will face hardship and persecution (Matt. 10:25).

This persecution will come to Christians, in some form and at some point in every Christian’s life.

Let us not shrink back.  Let us follow our Savior, even if it means our life and our safety.

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  1. Tyler
    September 26, 2008 at 2:35 pm

    good words. thanks for the needed reminder. i just finished reading Bonhoeffer’s “The Cost of Discipleship”, which all the more pushes me to actually consider the cost of following Christ our Lord. the problem is, i’ve never been in a situation that caused me to actually compare MY faith to the cost that it requires. i just pray that God is forming in me the kind of man who does follow that call of Christ’s costly grace.

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