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lifegroups + cabin in woods = awesome time

The last weeks have found us busy busy preparing for the fall school semester to crank up this week.  

One of the most important ministries that comes out of the Campus Ministries office is LIFEGroups.  For those familiar with my involvement at Texas A&M, LIFEGroups might best be explained as a healthy mixture of Impact and Upstream ministries.  For those who that does not help, LIFEGroups are a student led ministry to welcome new students into the Union community and bring about spiritual growth and maturity during their first semester of college.

As I quickly discovered at our LIFEGroup Leaders’ Retreat, the students involved in leading this ministry are an awesome group of men & women who really love Jesus and new students (freshmen and transfers).

Here we are at the end of the retreat:

40 awesome student leaders, and Lee

40 awesome student leaders, and Lee

We had a seriously fun time in our 36 hours together.  

One of the things that I enjoyed the most about our retreat was the degree of ownership that these leaders took in the ministry of LIFEGroups.  From the veteran leaders stepping up to lead our “3 Hour Fall” activity (where we condensed a full semester of LG meetings into 3 hours), to the degree of focus and attention that they gave me when I taught, to the passion they had in talking about their commitment to faithfulness to living up to the covenant they wrote for themselves, to their commitment and leadership in the responsibilities assigned to them during new student orientation week. 

If our retreat was any sign of the things to come, I expect this fall to be an incredible semester of gospel ministry and fellowship to new Union students.

As a side note, here is this year’s LGL 08 Logo:

  1. September 10, 2008 at 11:46 am

    pretty sure that’s a “q”, not a “g”

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