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treasures from heaven


yeah, so what if we are standing awkwardly close

yeah, so what if we are standing awkwardly close


God, in his great kindness, brings special people into your life at just the right moment.

For Beth and I, one of those undeserved treasures happens to be our friends Brandon and Bethan Rogers.  As it turns out, all four of us attended college at Texas A&M and we ran in the same circles.  We went to the same church for about a year and a half, even shared a pair of really close friends that we had in common.

Sometimes, I have found, there are people in my life who I wish I had time to get to know better because there is no doubt in my mind that – if I had enough time to invest in the relationship – we would be smashing friends.  Such were my sentiments towards the incomparable Brandon Rogers.

Lo and behold, the Wilsons and the Rogers both ended up in Louisville, KY attending seminary at Southern.

No surprise here, but we hit it off big time.  The four of us have developed one of those special friendships that just don’t come around that often – especially for married couples.

This week I received two reminders of how profoundly kind the Lord has been to Beth and I by allowing us to be friends with the Rogers:

  1. The Rogers donated some of there super busy schedule to take the first of a series of photos of Beth and I as the pregnancy unfolds for the next 6 months (Look for some of these photos to be posted soon, they show just how impressive the Rogers’ photography skills are – be sure to check out their website bbrogers.com)
  2. It sucks when I am unable to answer the phone when a friend like Brandon calls, but in this case the result was truly a treasure from heaven – a treasure that would be almost sinful for me to horde for my own listening pleasure.  So I have elected to share it with you here, exclusively at the re:wilsons blog. 
  1. September 3, 2008 at 12:05 am

    Eight things:

    1) I love you.

    2) I’m happy you’re blogging.

    3) That picture is amazing (your face = priceless).

    4) I can’t believe you posted me singing Marcy’s Playground.

    5) I’m so glad you posted me singing Marcy’s Playground.

    6) You’re going to be a great Dad.

    7) Beth is going to be a great Mom.

    8) We love you both.

    8 and 1 are a lot alike, but you can never have too much love.


  2. September 3, 2008 at 12:06 am

    Dang it…I hate it when they mark the number 8 as a smiley face. Stupid html.

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