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blog got swole

You wouldn’t know it to look at it, but this blog just exploded – multiplying in size by like ten.

No, I didn’t go blog crazy and write sixty blog entries over the weekend, I rolled all of our previous blogs into this one , now definitive, Wilson Blog.

What was added:

focalelement blog – a blog I started early in my seminary career in Louisville because I thought that you had to have a blog to be a seminary student: “but ma, all the other kids are doing it!”  It includes some of my miscellaneous thoughts – some more worthwhile than others – and it did lead to an interesting ongoing conversation between myself and a lady who went by the name “G.D.”  

kywilsons blog – unfortunate name, I know, but it was the first Wilson blog written our for friends and family when we moved from Texas to Louisville.  The name of the blog has everything to do with geography and nothing to do with being newlyweds – lets just go ahead and get that joke out of the way.  I would recommend checking out the Online Tour of our apartment in Old Louisville and the post ‘Junie’s House”, if you are interested in some highlights from our time in Louisville.

main event blog – this was the digital resource I put together for my college group’s weekly Bible study.  We called it the “Main Event” because I owned a pair of socks that had those, now infamous, words printed on them.  I spent about 45 minutes of Bible study with my boy Darnell calling me the Main Event before I realized what was going on.  The rest is history.  I recommend checking out some of my review posts on our studies from the Gospel of John – we had a great time walking through 12 chapters in John in the time that I was there (keep the momentum going guys, you can finish it!)

So, that’s that.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have about all this new (old) material.

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