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Dixon wedding extravaganza

So the Wilsons went to a little town named Clayton in Northeast Georgia this past weekend for the blessed nuptials of Drew Dixon and Jennifer Miller.

We left Friday afternoon after lunch and, thanks to Google Maps (which has never before failed me), we arrived in Clayton 7 hours later. All complaining aside, however, the drive took us down highway 64 through the southern part of the Smoky Mountains and it was gorgeous.

I think the first part of 64 was the most beautiful drive that I have taken in the continental United States. To give you an idea of the scenery, 64 parallels the Ocoee River, the same river that hosted the whitewater rapids course for the Atlanta Olympics – it was amazing. The amazingness of 64 soon trailed off as we neared the end of the road when we began to fear that, at any moment, we might be swarmed by hillbillies as we tried to outrun their Chevy Silverados down the dirt highway.

No hillbillies (to my slight disappointment), and we arrived right on time to be late to the rehearsal dinner, but it was all good because we got to see some of our most beloved friends – the Rogers, the Peeks, the (now) Dixons – and meet some new friends.

Highlights of the trip:

“Goats on the Roof” – a subtly titled theme destination where you had the pleasure of purchasing jams, jerkies, jellies, and Amish furniture, all while dodging goat turds coming from the heavens. By “from the heavens” I mean “from the goats of the roof” (more on this little gem later)

Yep, Goats on the Roof lives up to its name.

Yep, Goats on the Roof lives up to its name.

“The Gorge” – a beautiful and scenic narrow valley with a lot of incredible waterfalls.  We had a lot of fun there walking the low-impact rubberized “nature trail”

Sarah Peek, Chris Peek, Lee Wlson, Todd Blackhurst, Beth Wilson

Sarah Peek, Lee Wilson, Chris Peek, Todd Blackhurst, Beth Wilson

“The Uncle” – I am pretty sure that “Uncle Barry” was a CIA operative who was living undercover in the foothills of the Appalachians. His stories included: working security at the NCAA basketball championship, being hired by CEOs for security because they “like to hear him talk”, Segway tours of the San Antonio Riverwalk, clog dancing, professional painting, etc. Like I said, “Uncle Barry” has “spy” written all over him.

“The Wedding” – Above all, to be participants in Drew and Jen’s wedding was awesome. We love them so much and are really pleased to see them together as husband and wife. We are also excited about the church that Drew will be associate pastor of in Alabama. It was cool that some folks from the church came to the wedding to support them.

“The Poker” – For those of you who know me, I am not a big poker player because of a traumatic experience in college where a roommate of mine turned into some sort of automaton/banker/card-shark/knife fighter when he would put on his SUNGLASSES and his GREEN TRANSLUCENT VISOR to play poker. Despite that trauma, I agreed to play and I dominated – kudos to me for that.

“The Mega Store” – We also made our semiannual pilgrimage to IKEA, which I am convinced will be the semi-exclusive provider of Wilson decor for the rest of our lives.

That’s our trip, look for pictures and – perhaps – a video or two that will be forthcoming.

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