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Finally, the Wilsons Return to Blog-ville

Dang, it seems that the update every two weeks has stretched out into an update every quarter…my bad yall.

This summer was a fun and exciting summer of work, school, and moving to our new phat pad in downtown Old Louisville. There will be a photo tour to come (seriously) but until then let me hook you up with the specs:

Our new place is completely a gift from God (and I am not just being cliche). We decided to move because we were running out of room in our old townhome…we needed much more space for Wednesday Bible studies and Monday night dinners, hence the new pad. Lee was also asked to head up college ministry at our church (Hunsinger Lane Baptist Church) and we wanted to live in an area with a higher population of college students, hence Old Louisville.

I was driving around one day and on a whim I called the number on a “For Rent” sign in front of a really nice old mansion from the turn of the century (Old Louisville is nationally known as the largest neghborhood od old Victorian homes in the US). I spoke to the guy who answered and he told me about a 3 bedroom, 2400 sq. foot penthouse that took up the entire 4th floor of the building. Well, there was no way we could afford it, but he invited us to check it out, so we did. We pretty much fell in love with it once we took the spiral staircase from the third floor to the fouth floor (and it actually went up from there, amazingly enough).

Like I said, we could not afford the place, but we wanted to try to make it work…but to no avail. We we called the landlord to let him know and he, amazingly enough, agreed to extend the lease 12 months (which we wanted anyways) and drop the rent $200. And now we have the perfect place and we feel like we are living in a bed and breakfast every day.

So, in the near future expect to see some photos of this bad boy (we have a bit of painting to do) and to hear the story of the GREAT MOVE OF 2006, including the illustrious homeless runaway JUNIE!!!

Until then, you can feel free to check out Lee & Beth’s new MySpace page and Facebook page. You can also follow how things are going in the Wednesday Night ‘Main Event’ College Bible Study at my other blog (hunsingermainevent.blogspot.com).


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  1. Brandon and Bethan
    October 17, 2006 at 3:24 am

    Yes. It has happened. I’ve been waiting quite some time for this. Thank you for easing my pain.

    Can’t wait to be up there with you guys in December.

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